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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Cliff Keen/NWCA National Duals finals match - Minnesota 20, Oklahoma State 12 final score

Minnesota vs. Oklahoma State 125 - No. 4 Leroy Vega (Minnesota) dec. No. 9 Matt Brown (Oklahoma State), 6-4 1st period No scoring 2nd period (Vega on top) Brown, 1 pt. sitout escape, 1:14 left, 1-0 Brown 3rd period (Brown on top) Vega, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:56, 1-1 tie Vega, 2 pt. counter takedwon, 1:12 3-1 Vega Brown, 1 pt. sitout escape, 0:51 3-2 Vega Brown, 2 pt. low single takedown, 0:43 4-3 Brown Vega, 1 pt. escape, 0:25, 4-4 tie Sudden victory Vega, 2 pt. spin behind takedown, 6-4 Vega Minnesota leads, 3-0 133 - No. 4 Johnny Thompson (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 2 Brett Lawrence (Minnesota), 3-1 1st period No scoring 2nd period (Thompson on top) Lawrence, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:28 left, 1-0 Lawrence Thompson, 2 pt. double leg takedown, 0:47, 2-1 Thompson 3rd period (Lawrence on top) Thompson, 1 pt. turn in escape, 1:55, 3-1 Thompson Dual meet tied at 3-3 141 - No. 6 Chad Erikson (Minnesota) dec. Charles Walker (Oklahoma State), 4-0 1st period No scoring 2nd period (Erikson on top) No scoring 3rd period (Walker on top) Erikson, 1 pt. sitout escape, 1:50, 1-0 Erikson Erikson, 2 pt. takedown, 0:05, 3-0 Erikson Erikson, 1 pt. riding time advantage, 4-0 Erikson Minnesota leads, 6-3 149 - No. 2 Reggie Wright (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 3 Jared Lawrence (Minnesota), 3-1, sv 1st period No scoring 2nd period (Lawrence on top) Wright, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:35 left, 1-0 Wright 3rd period (Wright on top) Lawrence, 1 pt. escape on scramble, 0:47, 1-1 tie Sudden victory Wright, 2 pt. step over takedown on scramble, 3-1 Wright Dual meet tied, 6-6 157 - No. 4 Luke Becker (Minnesota) dec. No. 17 Shane Roller (Oklahoma State), 7-2 1st period No scoring 2nd period (Roller on top) Becker, 1 pt. escape, 0:42 left, 1-0 Becker 3rd period (Becker on top) Roller, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:34 left, 1-1 tie Becker, 2 pt. single leg takedown and scramble, 0:46, 3-1 Becker Becker, 2 pt. backpoints after takedown, 0:37, 5-1 Becker Roller, 1 pt. standup escape, 0:28, 5-2 Becker Becker, 2 pt. counter takedown, 0:03, 7-2 Becker Minnesota leads, 9-6 165 - No. 3 Brad Pike (Minnesota) pin Billy Gabel (Oklahoma State), 6:34 1st period Pike, 2 pt. bodylock takedown, 0:31, 2-0 Pike Pike, 2 pt. backpoints, 0:15, 4-0 Pike 2nd period (Gabel on top) Pike, 1 pt. escapre, 1:55, 5-0 Pike Pike, 2 pt. takedown, 1:48, 7-0 Pike Gabel, 1 pt. escape, 1:25, 7-1 Pike Pike, 2 pt. go behind takedown, 0:45, 9-1 Pike Gabel, 1 pt. escape, 0:39, 9-2 Pike Pike, 2 pt. single leg takedwon, 0:23, 11-2 Pike 3rd period (Pike on top) Gabel, 1 pt. let go escape, 1:58, 11-3 Pike Pike, 2 pt. double leg takedown, 1:16, 13-3 Pike Pike secures the fall with 23 seconds left Minnesota leads, 15-6 174 - No. 11 Tyrone Lewis (Oklahoma State) dec. Jacob Volkmann (Minnesota), 8-4 1st period Lewis, 2 pt. lateral drop takedown to back, 1:50, Lewis, 2-0 Lewis, 3 pt. backpoints, 1:31 Lewis, 5-0 Volkmann, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:10, Lewis, 5-1 2nd period (Volkmann on top) Lewis, 1 pt. standup escape, 0:49, Lewis, 6-1 Lewis, 2 pt. go behind takedown, Lewis, 8-1 Volkmann, 1 pt. escape, Lewis, 8-2 3rd period (Volkmann on top) Volkmann, 1 pt. for stalling against Lewis, 0:27, Lewis, 8-3 Volkmann, 1 pt. for riding time advantage, Lewis, 8-4 Minnesota leads, 15-9 184 - No. 4 Damion Hahn (Minnesota) dec. No. 2 Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 4-3 1st period Cormier, 2 pt. drag by takedown, 0:32, Cormier, 2-0 Hahn, 1 pt. escape, 0:31, Cormier, 2-1 2nd period (Cormier on top) Hahn, 1 pt turn in escape, 1:51, 2-2 tie 3rd period (Hahn on top) Cormier, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:41, Cormier, 3-2 Hahn, 2 pt. counter scramble takedown, 0:06, Hahn, 4-3 Minnesota leads, 18-9 197 - No. 2 Mark Munoz (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 9 Owen Elzen (Minnesota), 9-4 1st period Munoz, 2 pt. counter takedown, 1:40 left, 2-0 Munoz Elzen, 1 pt. let go escape, 0:55, 2-1 Munoz 2nd period (Elzen on top) Munoz, 2 pt. reversal, 1:47, 4-1 Munoz Elzen, 1 pt. let go escape, 0:56, 4-2 Munoz Munoz, 2 pt. single leg takedown, 9:17, 6-2 Munoz Elzen, 1 pt. escape, 0:10, 6-3 Munoz 3rd period (Munoz on top) Elzen, 1 pt. escape, 1:58, 6-4 Munoz Munoz, 2 pt. inside trip takedown, 0:09, 8-4 Munoz Munoz, 1 pt riding time advantage, 9-4, Munoz Minnesota leads, 17-12 Note - Minnesota lost one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct Hwt - Garrett Lowney (Minnesota) dec. James Huml (Oklahoma State), 3-2 1st period Lowney, 2 pt. takedown, 2-0 Lowney Huml, 1 pt. escape, 2-1 Lowney 2nd period (Lowney on top) Huml, 1 pt. escape, 1:55, 2-2 tie 3rd period (Huml on top) Lowney, 1 pt. standup escape, 1:59, 3-2 Lowney Minnesota wins dual, 20-12 Minnesota Head Coach J Robinson: "After the loss to Oklahoma State, they came back like champions against Nebraska. Since that time, they have worked hard, have had the right attitude. This event is a good measure of this team for the rest of the year. This win is big for us. It gives us respectability. I think it helps our guys. It sends a message to our guys, about just how good they are, so they start believing it. " "The NCAA Championships is a different tournament. Iowa is the one to watch. Balance makes a big difference here at this event. They have the stars for the nationals. We are excitied about the nationals. We are looking forward to it." "The keys for us is that our guys were fighting. Even if we were losing, we were fighting hard. This sends a message When you wrestle us, it will be hard. We have 10 Spartans out there fighting. They will fight for each other. They will fight for themselves." Oklahoma State Head Coach John Smith: "It is hard to give up bonus points and expect to win. The pin at 165 took the steam out of us a little. Give credit to Minnesota. They wrestled hard. We didn't wrestle badly. We were complancent in some places. Every team at this touranment matches up with us well. We didn't have any easy victories. We have to scrap to win." "This gives us a lot of things to focus on. It shows us we have to prepare more to go hard for two days of competition. We are not yet in condition to go five or six straight tough matches." Other medal matches 3rd place - Iowa 26, Iowa State 21 5th place - Michigan 19, Oklahoma 19 (tiebreaker #9 most reversals) 7th place - Lehigh 28, Penn State 6
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