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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Blair Academy Goes 4-0 at NHSCA Final Four

EASTON, Pa. - With victories over Parkersburg (W.Va.) South High, 60-3, Dallas (Texas) Bishop Lynch High, 53-17, Easton (Pa.) High, 49-20, and Sidney (Mont.) High, 48-12, Blairstown (N.J.) Blair Academy showed they are once again the top dogs of high school wrestling as they went 4-0 in the ninth annual National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) Final Four of High School Wrestling Jan. 21 at Easton High School.

"We saw some great individual and team competition in this year's Final Four," NHSCA associate executive director Joe Boardwine said. "With top teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas and Montana, there were a lot of different styles and coaching philosophies.... which made it a very rare day for the wrestlers, coaches and fans. There were some tremendous individual match-ups and upsets that got the crowd on their feet. Blair Academy looked outstanding, almost untouchable."
Easton senior Russ Souders (119) was voted the meet's Outstanding Wrestler, rallying from a 4-0 deficit to beat two-time National Prep champion Ben Ashmore of Bishop Lynch 9-6 in the opening round, then following with two pins.
Ashmore's younger brother, Luke, a Cadet National champion, also lost in the match, 4-3 to Braylin Williams, the first time both brothers had lost in the same dual meet. He also lost 4-2 in overtime to Blair Academy's Mario Mason.
Easton was 2-1 in the event, beating Bishop Lynch 51-18 and Sidney 40-24 before its loss to Blair Academy. Sidney and Parkersburg South each went 1-2, Sidney beating Parkersburg South 51-16 and Parkersburg South, which once trailed 33-6, won the final eight matches to overtake Bishop Lynch 45-33.
Anthony Valles (112-119), Kellen Russell (130), Max Shanaman (135), Mason (140), Travis Blasco (145), Eric Medina (152) and Jared Platt (215) all posted 4-0 records for Blair Academy. Posting 3-0 records were Easton's Jordan Oliver (103) and Cory Rutt (189) and Bishop Lynch's Dak Adamson (125).
The meet coaches all loved the event. Here are some of their comments:
Easton coach Steve Powell: "I was real pleased with our kids. The young kids are coming along, and helped us put together a very good team effort. Where Russ Souders is good, he is very good. There are a few positions where he is just nasty and real pain to deal with for his opponents."
Sidney coach Guy Melby: "This was a tremendous opportunity for our program. We wanted to make sure we wrestled Blair when we came here. That alone was worth the trip. In our match with Easton, we had them in a bunch of matches, but just made little mistakes at the wrong times. This event was great."
Bishop Lynch coach Tim Matthews: "This was a wake-up call for us. We weren't ready. I think we had too many days off, too much downtime after the holidays coming in here. We plan to study some of the matches on film with our coaching staff and make improvements. Even though we are missing a couple of key guys, I thought we still should have done better on an individual level."
Parkersburg South coach Tim McCartney: "I wish we had the team that we expected to have. We're missing about half of that team, but we don't want to make excuses. I'm proud of how the kids got out of the goose egg column with that win over Bishop Lynch. It was a great event."

Final Four of HS Wrestling
At Easton, Pa., Jan. 21

Round 1
Easton 51, Bishop Lynch 18
171 -- So. Keenan Walls (E) forfeit; 189 -- So. Cory Rutt (E) p. Nolan Hahn, 2:58; 215 -- Fr. Chris Wilson (E) p. Peter Tarantino, 0:32; 275 -- Jr. Mike Varju (E) forfeit; 103 -- So. Jordan Oliver (E) d. Fr. Riley Adamson, 9-5; 112 -- Sr. David Staines (BL) d. Sr. Jeff Dorsey, 7-6; 119 --Sr. Russ Souders (E) d. Sr. Ben Ashmore, 9-6; 125 -- Jr. Dak Adamson (BL) m.d. Jr. Ju-Ju Drummond, 19-7; 130 -- Jr. Luke Silver (BL) p. Sr. Mike Biase, 2:19; 135 -- So. Tevin Gibson (E) forfeit; 140 -- Sr. Braylin Williams (E) d. Jr. Luke Ashmore, 4-3; 145 -- So. Colin Dailey (E) p. Sean Rohe, 2:42; 152 -- Sr. Ace Adamson (BL) p. So. Jeremy Snyder, 0:58; 160 -- Fr. Joe Piro (E) p. Andrew Ellis, 1:41.

Blair Academy 60, Parkersburg South 3
171 -- Victor Mocco (BA) d. So. Ryan Stoops, 4-0; 189 -- Ryland Geiger (BA) p. Jr. Gene Beatty, 2:24; 215 -- Jared Platt (BA) p. Fr. Josh Cale, 0:24; 275 -- Kyle Hanson (BA) p. Sr. Josh Spaur, 1:14; 103 -- Keefer Taylor (BA) d. Jr. Corey Matheny, 10-5; 112 -- Robert Brackup (BA) m.d. So. Nic Busch, 15-3; 119 -- Anthony Valles (BA) d. So. Matt Hall, 5-0; 125 -- Jr. Hueston Keller (PS) d. Garrett Frey, 10-9; 130 -- Kellen Russell (BA) m.d. Fr. Andy Church, 13-4; 135 -- Jr. Max Shanaman (BA) d. Sr. Zac McCray, 4-3 OT; 140 -- Mario Mason (BA) m.d. Sr. Matt Dunn, 13-1; 145 -- Travis Blasco (BA) m.d. Sr. Aaron Kelley, 12-0; 152 -- Eric Medina (BA) d. Sr. Chad Porter, 8-1; 160 -- Adam Hogue (BA) p. Sr. Nathan Hall, 1:10.

Round 2
Easton 40, Sidney 24
189 -- So. Cory Rutt (E) d. Josh Moore, 2-0; 215 -- Sr. Cody Williams (S) p. Jr. Nick Williams, 1:30; 275 -- Fr. Chris Wilson (E) d. Jr. Trevor Getchell, 6-2; 103 -- So. Jordan Oliver (E) p. Fr. Levi Johnson, 1:09; 112 -- Jr. Jesse Obergfell (S) d. So. Kegan Handlovic, 10-7; 119 -- Sr. Russ Souders (E) p. So. Lance Kuylen, 1:08; 125 -- Jr. Ju-Ju Drummond (E) p. Sr. Brent Sorenson, 1:33; 130 -- Sr. Ryan Hecker (S) m.d. Sr. Mike Biase, 13-4; 135 -- So. Tevin Gibson (E) d. Sr. Craig Dunn, 10-9; 140 -- Sr. Braylin Williams (E) m.d. Sr. Byron Kuylen, 13-4; 145 -- So. Colin Dailey (E) d. Sr. Derek Fritz, 3-2; 152 -- Sr. Gresh Melby (S) t.f. So. Jeremy Snyder, 17-2, 3:27; 160 -- Sr. Dan Collins (S) p. Jr. Jules Knighton, 4:19; 171 -- Fr. Joe Piro (E) p. Fr. Beau Melby, 1:01.

Blair Academy 53, Bishop Lynch 17
189 -- Reid Flaihr (BA) p. Nolan Hahn, 1:04; 215 -- Jared Platt (BA) p. Peter Tarantino, 0:26; 275 -- Kyle Hanson (BA) forfeit; 103 -- Fr. Riley Adamson (BL) p. Tony Buxton, 0:48; 112 -- Anthony Valles (BA) m.d. Sr. David Staines, 11-2; 119 -- Sr. Ben Ashmore (BL) t.f. Joe Stanzione, 16-0, 3:33; 125 -- Jr. Dak Adamson (BL) p. Alex Counoyer, 3:24; 130 -- Kellen Russell (BA) d. So. Luke Silver, 3-1; 135 -- Jr. Max Shanaman (BA) forfeit; 140 -- Mario Mason (BA) d. Jr. Luke Ashmore, 4-2 OT; 145 -- Travis Blasco (BA) p. Jr. Sean Rohe, 0:46; 152 -- Eric Medina (BA) d. Sr. Ace Adamson, 7-1; 160 -- Jr. Hudson Collins (BA) m.d. Jr. Andrew Ellis, 13-4; 171 -- Steve Hanzik (BA) forfeit.

Round 3
Blair Academy 49, Easton 20
215 -- Jared Platt (BA) p. Fr. Chris Wilson, 0:31; 275 -- Jim Powers (BA) p. Jr. Mike Varju, 3:04; 103 -- So. Jordan Oliver (E) t.f. Keefer Taylor, 20-5, 4:00; 112 -- Anthony Valles (BA) m.d. So. Kegan Handlovic, 9-1; 119 -- Sr. Russ Souders (E) p. Garrett Frey (BA), 2:22; 125 -- Jr. Ju-Ju Drummond (E) p. Alex Cournoyer, 1:49; 130 -- Kellen Russell (BA) m.d. Sr. Mike Biase, 16-5; 135 -- Jr. Max Shanaman (BA) p. So. Tevin Gibson, 4:42; 140 -- Mario Mason (BA) d. Sr. Braylin Williams, 5-4; 145 -- Travis Blasco (BA) p. So. Colin Dailey, 1:05; 152 -- Adam Hogue (BA) m.d. So. Jeremy Snyder, 17-6; 160 - Sr. Victor Mocco (BA) m.d. Fr. Joe Piro, 11-1; 171 -- Ryland Geiger (BA) p. So. Keenan Walls, 3:55; 189 -- So. Cory Rutt (E) d. Reid Flaihr, 3-1.

Sidney 51, Parkersburg South 16
215 -- Sr. Cody Williams (S) p. Fr. Josh Cale, 1:03; 275 -- Jr. Trevor Getchell (S) p. Sr. Josh Spaur, 3:24; 103 -- Jr. Corey Matheny (PS) d. Fr. Levi Johnson, 4-0; 112 -- Jr. Jesse Obergfell (S) p. So. Nic Busch, 1:43; 119 -- So. Lance Kuylen (S) p. So. Matt Hall, 3:33; 125 -- Jr. Hueston Keller (PS) m.d. Sr. Brent Sorenson, 12-3; 130 -- Sr. Ryan Hecker (S) p. Fr. Andy Church, 5:14; 135 -- Sr. Byron Kuylen (S) d. Sr. Zac McCray, 3-1; 140 -- Sr. Matt Dunn (PS) d. Sr. Craig Dunn, 10-6; 145 -- Sr. Aaron Kelley (PS) d. Sr. Derek Fritz, 5-2; 152 -- Sr. Chad Porter (PS) d. Sr. Gresh Melby, 7-0; 160 -- Sr. Dan Collins (S) p. Sr. Nathan Hall, 1:59; 171 -- Fr. Beau Melby (S) p. So. Ryan Stoops, 2:42; 189 -- So. Josh Moore (S) p. Jr. Gene Beatty, 1:13.

Round 4
Blair Academy 48, Sidney 12
275 -- Sr. Jim Powers (BA) p. Jr. Trevor Getchell, 5:18; 103 -- Fr. Keefer Taylor (BA) d. Fr. Levi Johnson, 9-2; 112 -- So. Anthony Valles (BA) t.f. Jr. Jesse Obergfell, 19-1, 6:00; 119 -- So. Joe Stanzione (BA) m.d. So. Lance Kuylen, 20-7; 125 -- Jr. Alex Cournoyer (BA) d. Sr. Brent Sorenson, 7-0; 130 -- Jr. Kellen Russell (BA) d. Sr. Ryan Hecker, 5-1; 135 -- Jr. Max Shanaman (BA) m.d. Sr. Byron Kuylen, 10-1; 140 -- So. Mario Mason (BA) t.f. Sr. Craig Dunn, 19-3, 5:01; 145 - Travis Blasco (BA) d. Sr. Derek Fritz, 3-1; 152 -- Sr. Gresh Melby (S) p. Carter Lorant, 3:46; 160 -- Sr. Victor Mocco (BA) d. Sr. Dan Collins, 11-6; 171 -- Fr. Beau Melby (S) p. So. Steve Hanzik, 3:16; 189 -- Jr. Reid Flaihr (BA) d. So. Josh Moore, 5-4; 215 -- Jr. Jared Platt (BA) p. Sr. Cody Williams, 1:16.

Parkersburg South 45, Bishop Lynch 33
103 --Fr. Riley Adamson (BL) p. Jr. Corey Matheny, 4:36; 112 -- Sr. David Staines (BL) p. So. Nic Busch, 3:19; 119 -- Sr. Ben Ashmore (BL) p. So. Matt Hall, 1:26; 125 -- Jr. Dak Adamson (BL) p. Jr. Hueston Keller, 0:39; 130 -- So. Luke Silver (BL) m.d. Fr. Andy Church, 14-1; 135 -- Sr. Zac McCray (PS) forfeit; 140 -- Jr. Luke Ashmore (BL) t.f. Sr. Matt Dunn, 21-5, 5:16; 145 -- Sr. Aaron Kelley (PS) t.f. Sean Rohe, 15-0, 4:00; 152 -- Sr. Chad Porter (PS) m.d. Sr. Ace Adamson, 12-0; 160 -- Sr. Nathan Hall (PS) p. Andrew Ellis, 3:27; 171 -- So. Ryan Stoops (PS) forfeit; 189 -- Jr. Gene Beatty (PS) p. Nolan Hahn, 3:46; 215 -- Fr. Josh Cale (PS) p. Peter Tarantino (BL), 0:23; 275 -- Sr. Josh Spaur (PS) forfeit.

The NHSCA selects Coaches and Senior Athletes of the Year in 20 boys and girls sports, and sponsors more than two dozen national championship events in 11 sports. The 16th annual National High School Seniors Wrestling Championships attracted nearly 800 entries from 47 states and three European countries to Cleveland, Ohio in April, and the NHSCA conducted 16 championship events in Virginia Beach, Va. this summer. The NHSCA, in partnership with the NFL Coaches Association, conducted the National High School Football Coaches Convention in conjunction with U.S. Army All-American Bowl All-Star Game and recently completed a fabulously successful inaugural National High School Talent Search competition to rave reviews. For a complete list of this year's programs and events, visit the NHSCA's web site at
Founded in 1989, the National High School Coaches Association is a not-for-profit 501c3 service organization providing support and leadership programs for the nation's 500,000 high school coaches and 10 million high school athletes.

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