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Returning champions Novachkov, Grey beaten at ASICS/Vaughan Junior Freestyle Nationals; 05 runners-up Butler, Hall, Patrovich, make finals

FARGO, N.D. - Both returing champions were defeated on Friday and did not advance to the finals at the ASICS/Vaughan Junior National Freestyle Championships at the Fargodome.

Returning champion Boris Novachkov of California will be competing for third place at 112 pounds, after losing to 2005 Junior Nationals runner-up Donte Butler of Missouri in the pool competition.

Butler qualified for the championship finals by winning both of his pool matches, stopping Novachkov and Andy Pokorny of Nebraska. He will face Conner McDonald of Delaware in the finals.

Butler was beaten in the fifth round by Eric Grajales of Florida, 9-3, 6-2, 7-0, but advanced to the roundrobin.Grajales, who was the Junior Nationals Greco-Roman champion this year, lost in the sixth and seventh round and will compete for seventh place.

The other 2005 Junior National champion in the field, Mike Grey of New Jersey, suffered his second loss on Friday morning and was eliminated and will not be an All-American this year at 125 pounds.

In the eighth round, Grey was defeated by Tyler Graff of Colorado, 4-1, 3-2. Grey's first loss came in the fifth round, when he was stopped by Tyler Caldwell of Kansas, 4-4, 6-0. Caldwell lost twice on Friday and did not advance to the medal rounds. Grey made history this year as the first four-time high school state champion in New Jersey.

Graff qualified for the championship finals, where he will battle 2005 Cadet Nationals champion Michael Mangrum in the 125-pound finals. Graff also defeated 2005 Junior Nationals runner-up Shawn Jones of Idaho in the roundrobin, as well as Kelly Kubec of Washington.

Along with Butler, other returning Junior Nationals runners-up who qualified for the gold-medal rounds were Adam Hall of Idaho at 152 pounds and Ryan Patrovich of New York at 171 pounds.

Hall will face Ryan Smith of Oregon in the finals. Patrovich will battle Kirk Smith of Idaho, the 2006 Junior Nationals Greco-Roman runner-up, in the finals Saturday.

It was a difficult day for Junior Nationals Greco-Roman champions who were attempting to win a double title. Only one of the champions from Tuesday night's Greco-Roman finals was able to advance to the freestyle finals, Jon Reader of Michigan at 160 pounds.

Reader lost in the sixth round to Michael Chaires of New York. Reader was able to advance to the roundrobin in his weight class, which included Chaires and Alex Caruso of New Jersey. Caruso defeated Chaires, and Reader pinned Caruso. Reader won the roundrobin with the most classification points. Reader will face Scott Glasser of North Dakota in the finals.

Greco-Roman champions going for third place in freestyle are Nathan Furches of Kansas at 98 pounds, Justin Forrest of Missouri at 105 pounds, Nikko Triggas of California at 119 pounds, Deron Winn of Missouri at 189 pounds and Kenny Lester of Florida at 275 pounds.

Greco-Roman champions Eric Grajales of Florida at 112 pounds and Trevor Hall of Washington at 145 pounds will go for seventh place in their weight classes.

Ohio qualified the most wrestlers for the finals with four: Ben Sergent at 105 pounds, Adam Koballa at 130 pounds, Willie Saxton at 135 pounds and Cameron Wade at 275 pounds.

New Jersey and Idaho both have three finalists. New Jersey wrestlers in the championship bouts are Fred Santaite at 105 pounds, Kellen Russell at 130 pounds and Jared Platt at 215 pounds. Idaho wrestlers going for the gold include Adam Hall at 152 pounds, Kirk Smith at 171 pounds and Clayton Foster at 189 pounds.


98 lbs.
1st - John Prezzia, Pennsylvania vs Jon Morrison, Illinois
3rd - Ridge Kiley, Iowa vs Nathan Furches, Kansas
5th - Jacob Farber, Ohio vs Brian Reisenauer, North Dakota
7th - Bryson Fukushima, Hawaii vs Cody Dill, New York

105 lbs.
1st - Ben Sergent, Ohio vs Fred Santaite, New Jersey
3rd - Justin Forrest, Missouri vs Andrew Long, Iowa
5th - Brandon Mcdonald, Texas vs Taylor Louie, California
7th - Clayden Mckim, Nebraska vs Jimmy Schoettle, Indiana

112 lbs.
1st - Donte Butler, Missouri vs Connor Mcdonald, Delaware
3rd - Boris Novachkov, California vs Travis Coffey, North Carolina
5th - Andy Pokorny, Nebraska vs Bryan Pearsall, Pennsylvania
7th - Eric Grajales, Florida vs Will Sharbaugh, Maryland

119 lbs.
1st - Zachary Sanders, Minnesota vs James Nicholson, Iowa
3rd - Ian Moser, Delaware vs Nikko Triggas, California
5th - Mark Ballweg, Iowa vs TJ Wunnicke, Wisconsin
7th - John Trumbetti, New Jersey vs Andre Taylor, Louisiana

125 lbs.
1st - Tyler Graff, Colorado vs Michael Mangrum, Washington
3rd - Kelly Kubec, Washington vs Dan White, New Jersey
5th - Shawn Jones, Idaho vs Randall Watts, California
7th - Filip Novachkov, California vs Neil Birt, Ohio

130 lbs.
1st - Adam Koballa, Ohio vs Kellen Russell, New Jersey
3rd - Collin Dozier, Virginia vs Mike Thorn, Minnesota
5th - Jimmy Conroy, New Jersey vs Montell Marion, Iowa
7th - Kyle Hutter, Illinois vs Keith Sulzer, Ohio

135 lbs.
1st - Jamal Parks, Oklahoma vs Willie Saxton, Ohio
3rd - Vicente Varela, New Mexico vs Brian Spangler, Illinois
5th - Max Shanaman, New Jersey vs Trevor Melde, New Jersey
7th - Luke Silver, Texas vs Elijah Nacita, California

140 lbs.
1st - Luke Ashmore, Texas vs Jake Deitchler, Minnesota
3rd - Lance Palmer, Ohio vs Ryan Cubberly, Ohio
5th - Tommy Abbott, Delaware vs Mario Mason, New Jersey
7th - Sean Bilodeau, Massachusetts vs Seth Vernon, Oklahoma

145 lbs.
1st - Albert White, Illinois vs Nathaniel Holt, Utah
3rd - JP O`Connor, New York vs Travis Blasco, New Jersey
5th - Chris Hacker, Oklahoma vs Jamal Lawrence, Indiana
7th - Trevor Hall, Washington vs Tyler Davis, Florida

152 lbs.
1st - Adam Hall, Idaho vs Ryan Smith, Oregon
3rd - Sean Nemec, Ohio vs Scott Winston, New Jersey
5th - Darrion Caldwell, New Jersey vs Kyle Deberry, Arizona
7th - Anthony Biondo, Michigan vs Kurt Kinser, Indiana

1st - Scott Glasser, North Dakota vs Jon Reader, Michigan
3rd - David Rella, Ohio vs Michael Chaires, New York
5th - Matt Epperly, Virginia vs Alex Caruso, New Jersey
7th- Mike Benefiel, Illinois vs Chris Bullins, North Carolina

171 lbs.
1st - Kirk Smith, Idaho vs Ryan Patrovich, New York
3rd - Eric Decker, New York vs Colby Covington, Oregon
5th - Brian Roddy, Ohio vs Brice Arand, Oregon
7th - Chris Henrich, Pennsylvania vs Jordan Blanton, Illinois

189 lbs.
1st - Sonny Yohn, Colorado vs Clayton Foster, Idaho
3rd - Jerome Ward, Illinois vs Deron Winn, Missouri
5th - Jamelle Jones, Delaware vs Trevor Brandvold, Wisconsin
7th - Brodie Ambrose, Iowa vs John Weakley, Ohio

215 lbs.
1st - Cody Gardner, Virginia vs Jared Platt, New Jersey
3rd - Tucker Lane, Colorado vs Eric Thompson, Iowa
5th - John Ott, Missouri vs Patrick Day, Indiana
7th - AJ Hunte, Massachusetts vs DJ Bruce, Illinois

275 lbs.
1st - Cameron Wade, Ohio vs Dom Bradley, Missouri
3rd - Nathan Fernandez, Oklahoma vs Kenny Lester, Florida
5th - Elijah Madison, Missouri vs Zach Rey, New Jersey
7th - Charles Alexander, Oregon vs Evan Hacker, Minnesota
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