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Quotes from U.S. World medalists Bill Zadick and Donny Pritzlaff, and coaches Jackson and Duroe after Thursday's medal rounds at World Championships

66 kg/145.5 lbs. - Bill Zadick, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Gator WC)

"It is awesome, a dream come true. It is what everybody trains for. I felt good about my performance. There are always things you can do better. It is a great feeling, a deep satisfaction. I can't put it in words."

(about the coin toss in the final period of the gold-medal match)
"Before the coin toss, I thought it doesn't matter what color comes up, you have to be tough. You have to wrestle all positions. You hope for the flip, but you have to be prepared to wrestle anyway. I don't think there are any secrets in the clinch position. The first guy to create action, 99 percent of the time wins."

(about his perseverance in pursuing his wrestling goals)
"Life is tough. It doesn't matter if you wrestle, or you knit, whatever you do. There are ups and downs. If you set your mind to something, you continue after it, no matter what it takes, no matter what the obstacles are. You keep plugging away."

"The World Championships and the Olympics are the ultimate. Sure, it was a great performance. I don't think it was flawless."

(about moving to the Olympic Training Center to train)
"Having the resources and the coaching has been a huge benefit. I am constantly learning. Terry (Brands) and I had a relationship before we came to Colorado Springs. I got there shortly before he did. We took our relationship and built upon it and moved forward. We had the same goal. He wanted to build World Champions, and I wanted to be one. Kevin Jackson has also been there for me. He was an incredible competitor. Both of these guys have done what I want to do. I try to learn from them."

(what he will do tonight)
"I will sit around with my family and teammates and hang out. My family has put a lot into my wrestling. There is not a lot of time to relax and enjoy. You realize sometimes, the enjoyment comes later in life. You have to take care of business when you are competing. It's work. But later tonight, we will sit around, just talk and have a good meal."

74 kg/163 lbs. - Donny Pritzlaff, Madison, Wis. (New York AC)

"It feels good. It is awesome. I felt I wrestled with poise, but I let go. I got my offense to go. I felt better with every match. It is very exciting now."

(about the bronze medal match against Gaidarov of Belarus)
"In the beginning of the second period, I felt I controlled all of the wrestling. I didn't score until the clinch, but I was in control the whole way. In the third period, I did a lot of the same stuff. I had to keep him moving. I set up one shot to drive him out. It was near the end of the period but it was there. I kept handfighting and felt him getting tired. In the second and third period, I was controlling all the tie-ups. He was reacting to me."

"I was really upset when I lost. That wasn't what I came for. I wanted to be a World Champion. When the Iranian got me back in, it gave me a boost. A lot of people don't get a chance like this. You have to take advantage of this."

"I didn't achieve my goal here. But, I remember we had a team meeting over at Terry Brands's house I was talking with the guys. Daniel Cormier said if you lose and you get a chance to take the bronze, you better seize the moment. He had a few chances and didn't get it done. He said if you get the chance to get a bronze, wrestle like it is the gold."

World silver medalist Mike Zadick about his brother Bill Zadick

"I couldn't be more excited. He won by being relentless and not making mistakes. He found a way to win. I didn't find a way to win. He got taken down in the match, but he found a way to get the victory. It was against all odds."

National Freestyle Coach Kevin Jackson

"Two medals, two outstanding performances. Donny and Bill came through. Some of our areas of concentration was the clinch position. We won the flip and Bill got the job done. Donny wrestled well. He had a battle for the bronze. He got poked in the eye. He kept coming, kept competing. Conditioning was a factor as well as technical skills. All of our areas of concentration are holding true, and the guys are getting better."

"Two years ago, I had a conversation with Bill and his dad about his potential. He always had potential in my mind. He had to focus on training fulltime in a freestyle oriented wrestling room every day. He made a sacrifice to leave Iowa and come to the Olympic Training Center. Bill is the World champion in the toughest weight class in the world. His weight has the biggest size, and the most World medalists in it. For him to win that weight class five years after the last time he was at the World Championships says a lot about Bill and the resident program. All of the credit must go to Bill himself. Terry Brands has been a major influence on Bill, working with him. Bill always had the ability. He just got the opportunity to get it done."

"We had two more weight classes to go, two hitters with Tolly Thompson and Daniel Cormier. They both have challenging matches. They will have to come to wrestle. We expect Tolly and Daniel to come through. They are the veterans on the team, and we rely on them to wrestle accordingly. We have a lot of wrestling left to do. We have been in this position before. We are not prepared to relax yet at all."

U.S. Freestyle World Team coach Mike Duroe

"Terry Brands and Kevin Jackson played an integral role in getting this kid (Bill Zadick) ready. Just like Donny Pritzlaff did earlier, Bill Zadick wrestling with unbelievable heart today. But it comes down to his preparation throughout the year. This is the culmination of doing things right. Brands and Jackson were great competitors, but they might be better coaches."
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