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Womenís Freestyle Play-by-Play for USA Wrestlers from the World Championships on Saturday, Sept. 30 in Guangzhou, China

Women's Freestyle Play-by-Play for USA Wrestlers from the World Championships on Saturday, Sept. 30 in Guangzhou, China


Bronze-medal match: Miranda dec. Oleksandanda Kohut (Ukraine), 1-0, 1-0

First period
Miranda spins behind for a takedown at 1:11.

Second period
Miranda hits double-leg takedown at 0:33.

Repechage 2: Miranda wins by forfeit over Bekzat Mustafina (Kazakhstan)

Quarterfinals: Hitomi Sakamoto (Japan) dec. Miranda, 3-0, 2-0

First period
Sakamoto grabs single and scores quick takedown at 0:22. Sakamoto drives in on double-leg shot, lifts Miranda and puts her on mat for takedown at 1:01. Sakamoto counters and spins behind for takedown at 1:21.

Second period
Sakamoto grabs single again and finishes near the edge at 1:04. Sakamoto spins around for takedown at 1:57.

Second round: Miranda dec. Marta Podedworna (Poland), 5-0, 6-0

First period
Miranda uses a front headlock and works her way behind for a takedown at 0:27. Miranda headlocks Podedworna to add three more points at 0:37. Miranda uses front headlock and spins around for takedown at 1:57.

Second period
Miranda counters shot and rips a cross-face to spin around for a takedown at 0:21. Miranda cranks opponent to her back twice to gain a total of five points to win by a technical fall at 0:55.

First round: Miranda has a bye


Repechage 2: Natalya Sinishin (Ukraine) dec. Tomeo, 2-0, 4-1

First period
Sinishin spins around for a takedown after a scramble at 0:34. Sinishin hits single and finishes for takedown at 1:53.

Second period
Sinishin gains three points in a scramble (takedown and two-point exposure) where Tomeo eventually comes out on top for one point on a reversal. Sinishin counters a desperation throw try and scores a final takedown at 1:49.

Quarterfinals: Li Hui Su (China) dec. Tomeo, 4-4, 1-3, 4-3

First period
Tomeo grabs single and drives Li off the mat for a takedown at 0:29. Li barrels in on double-leg shot for takedown at 1:13. Li turns Tomeo for two-points exposure at 1:31, but Tomeo comes back with a reversal at 1:40 and turns Li for two to lead 4-3. Li shoots in on a double and is awarded a takedown at 1:59 to win the period.

Second period
Tomeo shoots in on a double-leg takedown near the edge of the mat to lead 1-0 at 0:28. Li hits double at 1:09 to tie it 1-1. Tomeo needs to score and wins a scramble to catch Li with two exposure points at 1:57.

Third period
Tomeo hits single and finishes near edge for takedown at 1:13. Li shoots in on double and Tomeo counters with lift and launches Li back over her head. Long discussion follows with officials to determine points at 1:38. Li is given four points (three for exposure and one for a takedown) and Tomeo two for exposure in the exchange. Li leads 4-3 and blocks off Tomeo in final seconds for the win.

Second round: Tomeo pinned Hoie Gudrin (Norway), 1:40

First period
Tomeo comes out strong again, driving in for a pair of early takedowns at 0:34 and 0:58. Tomeo uses arm-bar maneuver to flip Gudrin to her back for the fall at 1:40.

First round: Tomeo pinned Emma Gemma Silverio (Phillipines), 0:25

First period
Tomeo comes out aggressively and charges right in on a shot and gains two-point exposure just five seconds into the match. Silverio rolls Tomeo through on the same move and gains two points exposure of her own. Tomeo fires in again on a shot and quickly locks up a cradle for the fall just 25 seconds into the bout.


First round: Thi Giang Nghiem (Vietnam) dec. George, 4-0, 2-1, 1-0

First period
Nghiem catches George on her back at 0:22 and holds her there for 30 seconds. George finally turns off her back and trails 4-0 at 1:01.

Second period
George drives in on a single-leg shot and finishes for a takedown near the edge of the mat to lead 1-0 at 0:46. Nghiem grabs single and drives George out of bounds on a pushout at 0:58. George hits throw-by near the edge to lead 2-1 at 1:39.

Third period
No scoring in the first two minutes. The period goes to a coin flip. Nghiem wins the flip and finishes for a takedown four seconds into the 30-second period to win the match.

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