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Univ. of the Cumberlands seeks to retain top spot in 2006-07 women’s college wrestling season

The women's college wrestling season is getting underway, with tournaments being hosted in the United States and Canada and athletes beginning their training in wrestling rooms across North America.

The U.S. colleges that have committed to varsity wrestling teams continue to build and strengthen their programs, and the level of competition continues to improve.

Looking to continue its strong position within U.S. women's college wrestling is the Univ. of the Cumberlands, which returns four college national champions and a very deep lineup. Missouri Valley College, a traditional power, also has an experienced and talented lineup.

The other varsity programs at Pacific University and Menlo College are featuring their best teams in years, and both seek to move up in the rankings on both the team and individual levels.

The U.S. Olympic Education Center at Northern Michigan Univ. has a women's freestyle program, featuring many of the nation's top Olympic hopefuls. The USOEC team competes in numerous events with the college programs in the USA and Canada and are included in the North American women's college individual rankings.

Club teams at the San Jose State Univ. and the W.O.W. club in Pennsylvania will also be active on the women's college scene this year.

There will be a key competition to end the formal women's college season this year, the College Nationals held at Pacific University , March 9-10. This will feature both a team dual meet event and the national championships for individuals.

The final test comes at the Body Bar Women's Nationals in Colorado Springs, Colo., April 20-22, with the FILA Junior and University National Championships. There will be a number of college wrestlers who will also make an impact on the Senior level this year.

University of the Cumberlands

Coach Kip Flanik's Patriots have been a dominant team in women's college wrestling in recent seasons, with success nationally and in North America. A number of athletes from the program have earned national honors on the Senior level within USA Wrestling, and the team has had dominant performances on the college level.

Four athletes who earned No. 1 college national rankings last year return to lead this experienced and talented lineup. Leading this group is senior Alaina Berube at 138 pounds, a past U.S. Nationals champion and U.S. Olympic Trials runner-up. Berube has competed for the U.S. on age-group World teams and has a goal of winning World and Olympic medals for the United States. She is clearly the leader of this team.

The other No. 1 wrestlers from last year include junior Jessica Medina at 105 or 112 pounds, senior Othella Lucas at 130 pounds, junior Heather Martin at 147 pounds. Medina won a Junior World bronze medal this summer in Guatemala, and should be in the Senior national mix at whatever weight class she chooses. Lucas was a member of the 2006 University World team, and has consistently beaten her college competition. Martin is a former U.S. Nationals runner-up and also has made the last two Junior World Teams.

All four of these wrestlers won the gold medal at the Women's College Nationals, which was held on their home mats last March. You can expect to see Medina, Lucas, Berube and Martin sitting at No. 1 when the preseason rankings come out for this season.

Also returning from last year's team is a talented 158-pounder, junior Tabetha Golt, who made the 2006 University World Team and has held national rankings on the Senior level. Also returning is junior Theresa Fennell at 176 pounds, who was learning her craft behind Olympian Toccara Montgomery in recent seasons.

The team should be very strong in the lighter weights, regardless of what division Medina chooses to wrestle. At 105 pounds, Melissa Gerard is ready for action, a 2005 Junior World Team member. At 112 pounds is Debbi Sakai, who placed second at the U.S. Senior Nationals, and has college experience at both Missouri Valley and the USOEC program at Northern Michigan.

The 121-pound weight class is also loaded. Among those who are looking to claim the top spot are Sandy Do, who has experience at Missouri Valley and Northern Michigan, along with talented freshman LeAnn Barney, a Junior National runner-up from Texas. Two other wrestlers who earned college national rankings last year may also challenge for the starting spot at this division, Jessica Jauck and Warry Woodard.

Team depth is a strength for the Univ. of Cumberlands, and there has been a restocking of new athletes. A pair of talented freshmen from California, Bethany Harris at 138 pounds and Sheila McCabe at 147 pounds, both have numerous age-group national achievements and should make strong varsity athletes if they are called to duty. Throughout the season, a number of other freshmen could emerge as they work their way through a very strong wrestling room and into action on the college level.

There is also considerable depth among the returning athletes not expected in the starting lineup. Wrestlers such as Sherryln Eppinger and Megan Nevil at 138 pounds and Sheri Hilliard at 158 pounds are capable of earning national rankings, even if they are not the "starter."

Flanik's team will have a competitive athlete at every weight class. However, the strength of this team comes from four athletes who are expected to be the best on the U.S. college ranks and have very high expectations on the Senior level. When you mix experience, talent and depth, you have a team worthy of a No. 1 ranking, and the Univ. of Cumberlands has all of these areas covered very well.

University of the Cumberlands projected started lineup
(with state, year and final '06 U.S. college ranking)

105 - Jessica Medina (CA, jr., No. 1 at 112) or Melissa Gerard (MI, jr.)
112 - Medina or Debbi Sakai (HI, jr.)
121 - Sandy Do (CA, jr.) or LeAnn Barney (TX, fr.)
130 - Othella Lucas (CA, sr., No. 1)
138 - Alaina Berube (MI, sr., No. 1)
147 - Heather Martin (OH, jr., No. 1)
158 - Tabetha Golt (VA, jr., No. 2)
176 - Theresa Fennell (TX, jr., No. 6)

University of the Cumberlands depth chart
105 - Medina, Girard, Billie Jean Dill (NY, fr.), Claudia Pena (TX, fr.), Aquila Hills (NC, sr.), Priscilla Brownfield (KY, fr.), Kristin McKenna (FL, fr.), Rene Mortenson (CA, sr.), Ana Ramey (TX, jr.)
112 - Medina, Sakai, Casey Beatty (OH, fr.), Antonesia Giles (CA, soph.), Deseree Cazeras (TX, jr., No. 6 at 105), Linda Debakey (MD, fr.), Brittany Owens (TX, soph.), Rachel Iduarte (TX, fr.), Rachel Woodruff (TX, fr.), Christine Selover (CA, soph.)
121 - Do, Barney, Jackie Stiles (TX, fr.), Jessica Jauck (CA, soph., No. 3 at 130), Warry Woodard (VA, soph., No. 4), Sheryl Manglaylay (HI, fr.), Rachel Hubbard (WA, fr.), Talina Martinez (TX, soph.), Karla Rosales (CA, fr.)
130 - Lucas, Shannon Reeves (OH, soph.), Ashley Dehnz (FL, soph.), Krystal Kiyuna (HI, soph.), Nena Garcia (OH, fr.), Megan Corden (CT, fr.)
138 - Berube, Bethany Harris (CA, fr.), Sherolynn Eppinger (OH, soph., No. 4 at 147), Megan Nevill (MI, sr., No. 6), Kristy Bishop (CA, soph.)
147 - Martin, Sheila McCabe (CA, fr.), Lauren Knight (CA, fr.), Sara English (OH, fr.), Annie DeCresente (CA, soph., No. 8)
158 - Golt, Daphne Moriel (TX, soph), Sherri Hilliard (ND, sr., No. 5)
176 - Fennell

Missouri Valley College

Every year, Missouri Valley College enters the women's college season with a large roster of talented wrestlers with considerable experience. Coach Carl Murphree has put together a team similar to others that have been successful in the past. There will be a few star athletes, who reach the top levels on the U.S. college scene, and become nationally ranked on the Senior level. In addition, there will be other athletes who excel in the college-level competitions. One thing you can count on with the Vikings - the squad has a wealth of talent and the wrestlers will come ready to compete.

The top star on the team is senior Stephany Lee at 158 pounds. Lee has won a World University gold medal, and has been a finalist in the U.S. Nationals and World Team Trials on the Senior level in previous seasons. She won the U.S. College Nationals title last year, and stands well ahead of the field in every respect.

The other returning U.S. College National champion in Tabithia Ramsey at 105 pounds, who will be a senior and expected to be a leader. Missing at the College Nationals with injury last season was Menlo College's Sara Fulp-Allen, who also returns and may be rated higher than Ramsey among collegians. However, Ramsey will give the Vikings a strong start in every competition and will be motivated to end her college career on the top.

A star for Missouri Valley who missed last year's College Nationals is 138-pound junior Rachel Billerbeck, who has held high rankings on the college level for the last two years. If she stays in this weight, she will have to contend again with Cumberland's top star Alaina Berube for the college national title. Billerbeck should win matches all season long, and give the team strength in the middle weights.

This team should have a strong athlete or two at every weight class. At 112 pounds, two of last year's top college performers, sophomore Samantha Shuman and senior Maika Watanabe both return, and will battle each other for prominence. Watanabe was second and Schuman was third at the U.S. College Nationals last year. The 121-pound division should be well covered by junior Courtney Martell, who was a runner-up at the College Nationals.

At 130 pounds, one of the top college veterans around will return, senior Brooke Bogren, but experienced Clarissa Calibuso is also in the mix there. The 147-pound division is also well stocked, with sophomore Sara Hilliard and senior Emily Rinehart. Hilliard was fifth in last year's College Nationals.

A battle at 176 pounds could emerge with junior Elizabeth Hernandez and freshman Desiree Memea, a Junior National champion from Hawaii. In either case, the team should have a strong finish in each event.

Memea is among the many talented freshmen who will have to earn their spot in a tough practice room. Junior National champion Amy Havens of California will be at 158 pounds, and talented Samantha Fee of New Jersey at 130 pounds and Amberlee Ebert of Wisconsin at 147 pounds are included in a large incoming class. Every year, Missouri Valley seems to develop a few freshmen who make an impact, and it is not always the ones you might expect.

With a mix of veterans and young talents, and depth throughout the lineup, Missouri Valley should once again battle for prominence in women's college wrestling, giving the top teams in North America something to worry about.

Missouri Valley College projected started lineup
(with state, year and final '06 U.S. college ranking)

105 - Tabithia Ramsey (TX, sr., No. 3),
112 - Samantha Schuman (NE, soph., No. 3) or Maika Watanabe (CA, sr., No. 2)
121 - Courtney Martell (VT, jr., No. 2)
130 - Brooke Bogren (KS, sr., No. 2) or Clarissa Calibuso (HI, sr.)
138 - Rachel Billerbeck (TX, jr., No. 2)
147 - Sara Hilliard (KS, soph., No. 5) or Emily Rinehart (CA, sr., No. 6)
158 - Stephany Lee (HI, sr., No. 1)
176 - Elizabeth Hernandez (FL, jr.) or Desiree Memea (HI, fr.)

Missouri Valley College depth chart
105 - Ramsey, Rashona Colbert (GA, fr.), Norine Cruz (CA, jr.), Angelee Homma (HI, sr.), Vanessa Nordstrom (PA, fr.), Mary Shamblin (fr. HI), Krista Camarillo (fr., OK)
112 - Shuman, Watanabe, Christina Varland (WY, soph., No. 7 at 105), Tanya Miyasaki (HI, sr., No. 5 at 105), Yalimar Vidal (RI, fr.)
121 - Martell, Brittney Sevy (AK, jr., No. 5), Kayla Chambers (CA, soph.)
130 - Bogren, Calibuso, Erica Chew (TX, jr), Samantha Fee (NJ, fr.), Karen Howe (TX, soph.), Shamaine Danner (MO, fr.), Bethany Pine (TX, fr.), Brittany Fair (TX, aoph.), Carmen Ramos (TX, jr.)
138 - Billerbeck, Michele Querin (CA, fr.)
147 - Hilliard, Rinehart, Amberlee Ebert (WI, fr.), Samantha Richardson (TX, fr.), Brittany Jones (TX, jr.), Chaneal Meletia (HI, jr., No. 7 at 138), Eva Garlinghou (CA, fr.), Sara Williams (WA, fr.), Jennifer Germany (CA, soph.)
158 - Lee, Lacy Novinska (WI, soph.), Amy Havens (CA, fr.), Selina Perez (HI, jr.), Ana Hernandez (NJ, fr.)
176 - Hernandez, Memea, Gillian Hampton (MO, soph.), Leah Page (TX, fr.), Kathryn Newton (MO, fr.)

Pacific University

The Boxers could have one of its best teams this year, right in time for Pacific to serve as the host for the U.S. Women's College Nationals. Scott Miller's team will have the homefield advantage when the rest of the women's college teams and athletes come to Forest Grove, Ore. on March 11-12.

There should be a talented and competitive wrestler in every weight class for the Boxers this year, but the team will need to stay clear of injuries if it wants to seriously push the Univ. of the Cumberlands and Missouri Valley College for the top team honors. Depth has always been a challenge for Pacific, but the team has shown consistency in its performances.

The team is led by senior Kapua Torres at 112 pounds, one of women's college wrestling's top star. Torres was injured last year, so she was unable to show her stuff at the national meet. However, Torres won the U.S. College Nationals and a FILA Junior Nationals title in 2005, so if she is back in top form for this year, she should be dominant again.

There is experience in seven of the eight weight classes when Pacific sends out its starting team. Junior Titi Lawani looks to be a national title hopeful at 138 pounds, after taking third last season and making other good showings during the season. Ashley Truchan will wrestle at 147 pounds, down a division from 158 pounds last year where she was fourth at the U.S. College Nationals.

The team starts off with Valerie Prise, a junior who was fifth at the U.S. College Nationals last year. After Torres competes at 112 pounds, the team will send out transfer Summer Scott at 121 pounds, a sophomore who showed some promise last year competing for Lassen CC. She was also fifth at the U.S. College Nationals a year ago, and will look to improve this season.

After Lawani and Truchan comes the biggest question mark at 158 pounds. Freshman Kisha Milfort will be in the picture here, if she is moved up from 147 pounds when Truchan wrestles down. Actually, Pacific could move some people around in the lineup in the upper three weight classes. Also in the mix is sophomore Megan Richardson, who is projected to wrestle at 176 pounds Sophomore Kelly Nardiello and freshman Ashley Schalow may also see action in the upper weights. How Pacific handles these divisions, and the progress that the wrestlers there make, could be a key to the entire season for the Boxers.

The Pacific program has been getting stronger each season, and always has high goals for its athletes and team. Going in the season, there is optimism up in Oregon that the Boxers could take the program to a new level.

Pacific University projected started lineup
(with state, year and final '06 U.S. college ranking)

105 - Valerie Prise (CA, jr., No. 8)
112 - Kapua Torres (HI, sr.)
121 - Summer Scott (CA, soph., No. 7 at 130)
130 - Michelle Ludwig (CA, jr., No. 5)
138 - Titi Lawani (CA, jr., No. 3)
147 - Ashley Truchan (HI, jr., No. 4 at 158)
158 - Kisha Milfort (FL, fr.)
176 - Megan Richardson (CA, soph., No 5)

Pacific University depth chart
105 - Prise, Candace Sakamoto (HI, fr.)
112 - Torres, Teresa Ayala (CA, jr., No. 6)
121 - Scott, Alenna Nilsen (AK, soph., No. 8)
130 - Ludwig, Kara Stevens (MO, fr.)
138 - Lawani, Erin Zimmerman (FL, fr.)
147 - Truchan, Ashley Schalow (WA, fr.)
158 - Milfort
176 - Richardson, Kelly Nardiello (CA, soph.)

Menlo College

Another team that has a stronger overall lineup than in previous years is Menlo College, which has struggled with depth and injuries in recent seasons. Coach Lee Allen can put an experienced wrestler in seven of the eight weight classes, and has athletes who have the ability to challenge for individual college national titles.

The star on the Menlo team is Sara Fulp-Allen, the daughter of the coach and a U.S. Senior Nationals champion a few seasons ago. Fulp-Allen has been a member of Women's Team USA, and has a ton of experience on the international and national levels. Injuries during the college season kept her out of the U.S. College Nationals last year, but she was able to return to participate at the major Senior-level tournaments. As a senior, Fulp-Allen is one of the top stars in North American women's college wrestling, and is the leader on this team.

The other top national title hopeful is junior Lauren Daniels at 130 pounds, who also missed the U.S. College Nationals last season. Daniels has done well at a number of national level events, and she has shown the ability to wrestle well against top opponents.

Sara Fulp-Allen's younger sister Katherine joins the team as a freshman this year at 112 pounds, after a strong high school career with a number of national honors on the age-group levels. Also at the weight class is Carla O'Connell, a sophomore who showed some promise last season, but finished sixth at the U.S. College Nationals. Whether it is Katherine Fulp-Allen or Carla O'Connell on the mat, this weight is well represented.

The experience continues at 121 pounds with junior Sabrina Lancelotti, who was fifth last year at the U.S. College Nationals. She started her career at Lassen College, and fits nicely in the Menlo lineup. Another wrestler who wrestled well when healthy is Jade Prudent, the junior at 147 pounds. Like Daniels, she did not compete last year at the U.S. College Nationals.

Add in returning wrestlers Ashley Evans-Smith at 138 pounds and Monique Cabrera at 158 pounds, and the Menlo lineup is completed. The only weight filled by a freshman is 176 pounds, where Vallerie Ollada comes in this year.

Coach Allen has a few other returning athletes, and a handful of unproven freshmen to look to if any of the starters can't compete. However, for Menlo College to do well this year, the experienced wrestlers will need to stay in the lineup and also make progress in their wrestling skills.

Menlo College projected started lineup
(with state, year and final '06 U.S. college ranking)

105 - Sara Fulp-Allen (CA, sr., No. 1)
112 - Katherine Fulp-Allen (CA, fr.) or Carla O'Connell (CA, soph., No. 7)
121 - Sabrina Lancelotti (CA, jr., No. 6)
130 - Laurin Daniels (WA, jr., No. 4)
138 - Ashley Evans-Smith (CA, soph.)
147 - Jade Prudent (TX, jr.)
158 - Monique Cabrera (CA, soph., No. 8)
176 - Vallerie Ollada (CA, fr.)

Menlo College depth chart
105 - S. Fulp-Allen, Lauren Tallman (CT, soph., No. 8 at 112), Rita Ramirez (CA, jr.)
112 - K. Fulp-Allen, O'Connell, Shareese Muholand (CA, soph.)
121 - Lancellotti, J'amie Sage (CA, soph.)
130 - Daniels, Emily Espana (CA, fr.)
138 - Evans-Smith, Sasha Avila (TX, soph.), Jaimie Trentadue (WI, fr.), Linda Hernandez (CA, fr.)
147 - Prudent, Tamara Gravesande (CA, fr.)
158 - Cabrera
176 - Ollada

U.S. Olympic Education Center at Northern Michigan Univ.

This unique program provides wrestlers with an opportunity to compete in women's freestyle wrestling and receive an education. This team is not a varsity program for Northern Michigan Univ., but is affiliated with the U.S. Olympic Education Program. It is designed for college athletes in Olympic sports that are not sponsored by the NCAA, the NAIA or other college associations.

Coaches Shannyn Gillespie and Tony DeAnda will work with a mix of athletes. The Northern Michigan team has not been included in the U.S. college rankings as a team or individuals. However, the undergraduate athletes are included in the North American college rankings, and the team wrestles a full schedule which includes college matches and tournaments against U.S. and Canadian squads.

There are young women on the team who are graduate students, as well as some athletes who are completing high school in Marquette, Mich. and train with the team. None of these athletes will be included in this preview nor in the North American rankings.

Last year, a number of undergraduate wrestlers completed their careers at Northern Michigan, moving over to train fulltime at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. The two most prominent wrestlers to "move up" were 2006 U.S. World Team member Mary Kelly at 105.5 pounds and 2006 U.S. Nationals champion Sharon Jacobson at 121 pounds.

Among the wrestlers with national rankings who return from last year are Amy Borgnini at 121 pounds and Stefanie Shaw at 147.5 pounds. Shaw has a No. 2 Senior National ranking, based upon her finish at the World Team Trials, and Borgnini is ranked No. 3 in her division on the Senior level.

Other veterans on the USOEC roster include Liz Short and Sadie Kaneda at 105 pounds and two-time Junior World medalist Danielle Hedin at 121 pounds.

Among the talented freshmen coming in are Junior National champion Dallas Monreal-Berner of Illinois at 158 pounds, as well as nationally respected Alyssa Lampe of Wisconsin at 112 pounds and Whitney Conder of Washington at 121 pounds.

Nicole Darrow, who has placed in many national age-group championships during her career, is currently injured, but will be competing at 121 pounds when she returns to action. Others to watch include Amanda Breezley at 121 pounds and Shyla Iokia at 130 pounds.

Northern Michigan USOEC depth chart
(with state, year)
Note: Only college undergrad students listed

105 -Liz Short (IL, sr.), Sadie Kaneda (HI, jr.),
112 - Alyssa Lampe (WI, fr.), Vianny Amparo (NY, fr.)
121 - Amy Borgnini (IN, sr.), Danielle Hedin (HI, soph.), Cherac Pascua (HI, fr.), Whitney Conder (WA, fr.),
Nicole Darrow (MA, fr.), Amanda Breezley (OH, fr.)
130 -Shyla Iokia (HI, fr.),
138 - Open
147 - Stefenie Shaw (CT, fr.)
158 - Dallas Monriel-Berner (IL, fr.)
176 - Open

San Jose State University club

There is a new women's wrestling club at San Jose State Univ., coached by Robert Redman, that is providing opportunities for college wrestlers from the university, as well as a few other nearby colleges, to participate in women's freestyle wrestling. Also working with the club is former Women's Team USA member Julie Gonzales, as part of the Spartan Wrestling Club.

The club features three students who attend San Jose State, plus five others who are attending college on other campuses. We will evaluate this group as a team as the San Jose State WC. For individual ranking purposes, the athletes will be identified by the college where they attend classes and the "Spartan WC."

In addition to training college wrestlers, there are a few high school athletes who work out with the club, but will not be included in this preview.

The top athlete in the program is Missouri Valley College transfer Sharlee Solis, who attends San Jose State and competes at 121 pounds. Solis, a sophomore, won the U.S. College Nationals last year at 121 pounds and showed great promise on the mats.

A few of the athletes on this club came from the program at Lassen College, which no longer fields a women's team. Two of the athletes who placed last year at the U.S. College Nationals for Lassen who are on this new club this season are Irene Proulx of Lassen College at 176 pounds and Ashley Nethercott of Chico State at 130 pounds.

Another wrestler who has been successful on the women's college circuit has been Amantha Hordagoda of Cal-State Bakersfield at 105.5 pounds. Joining the club with past women's college experience is Natasha Phinney of Fresno State at 158 pounds.

The team features a number of freshmen, all from California, who will have to make their mark on the national scene this year.

The San Jose State Wrestling Club has a complete national schedule, including the U.S. College Nationals and a number of major USA Wrestling events. The team will also compete against some Canadian college teams. Look for this program to grow in size and prominence once this initial group of athletes hits the college circuit and makes an impact.

San Jose State Univ. club projected started lineup
(with state, year and final '06 U.S. college ranking)

105 - Amantha Hordagoda (Cal-State Bakersfield, CA, sr.), Martiza Martinez (CA, fr.)*
112 - Caroline Williams (San Jose CC, CA, fr.)
121 - Sharlee Solis (CA, soph., No. 1)*
130 - Ashley Nethercott (Chico State, CA, jr., No. 8)
138 - Open
147 - Isabelle Sanchez (CA, fr.)*
158 - Natasha Phinney (Fresno State, CA, soph.)
176 - Irene Proulx (Lassen College, CA, sr., No. 4)
*San Jose State Univ. student

W.O.W. club of Pennsylvania

A club program in the Philadelphia region, W.O.W. (Women Only Wrestling) is coached by Ron Tirpak, and includes women wrestlers on the college and high school levels. They compete on the USA Wrestling national circuit, and also have entered competitions in Canada. There are two college wrestlers who will compete this year for W.O.W., both who have been active on the college women's scene for years.

Jen Chu, a senior at Haverford College, who has held national rankings on the college and Senior levels, will be competing this year at 130 pounds. Kristen Condello of the Univ. of Pennsylvania, also a senior, who placed second in last year's University Nationals, will be competing at 112 pounds. Coach Tirpak expects that there might be other college women wrestlers who join the club later in the year.

W.O.W. club projected started lineup
(with state, year and final '06 U.S. college ranking)

112 - Kristen Condello, Univ. of Pennsylvania (PA, sr.)
130 - Jen Chu, Haverford College (PA, sr.)

There are also some athletes who are competing or training with men's college teams who will be considered for national individual rankings if the compete at the college events or USA Wrestling events during the season. They will be included in the rankings and coverage of women's college wrestling as the season progresses.
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