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Carew and Bailey unbeaten, six finalists determined after first day of Cadet Greco-Roman

Fargo Special Section

FARGO, N.D. - The All-Americans in each weight class have been determined after a long and exciting day of wrestling at the Accelerade Junior National Greco-Roman Championships at the FargoDome.

The top four athletes in each pool have been determined, each earning All-American status. Competition on Sunday morning will determine who will be the athletes in the Championship finals at 2:00 p.m.

Both returning champions in the field are entered at 125 pounds and have advanced to Sunday's action without a loss: Dylan Carew of Iowa and Mac Bailey of Missouri. Carew was last year's champion at 112 pounds and Bailey won the title at 105-pound champion. They are in different pools and would not meet until the medal rounds.

Carew won his first eight matches of the tournament, including four falls and one technical fall. Bailey had seven wins in a row, including three technical falls and a pin. Among the athletes he defeated was 2006 Cadet All-American Joseph Waltko of Pennsylvania.

Six athletes have already qualified for the gold-medal finals by winning their pool competition: Valyen Rauser of Montana (91), Dylan Alton of Pennsylvania (130), Justin Gonzales of Colorado (140), Mark Stenberg of Illinois (145), Dirk Cowburn of Pennsylvania (145) and Mike Curby of Michigan (152).

Three returning Cadet Nationals runners-up, Jeff Vesta of Kansas (91), Cody Tyler of Missouri (105) and Kade Moss of Utah (112), were eliminated with two losses and did not advance to the All-American rounds.

Vesta won his first match, but was defeated by Cody Brewer of Kansas and John Belanger of New York in the next two bouts and was eliminated. Both Brewer and Belanger have qualified for the round-robin in their pool.

Tyler won his opening match, but was defeated by Daniel DeShazer of Kansas in the second round by fall in the second period. In the third round, Tyler lost by injury default

Moss defeated in the first round by Destin McCauley of Minnesota, 2-1, 4-0. Moss won three straight matches, including two technical falls and a default. In the fifth round, he was defeated by Schoolboy National Greco-Roman champion Casey Lanave of New York.

The 112 pounds is one of the most loaded divisions in the tournament, featuring six returning All-Americans, plus young talents such as Lanave.

Only three of the six returning All-Americans were able to advance at 112 pounds. All-Americans who were eliminated in the weight class and did not place include
Moss, Kyle Dake of New York, Jordan Cox of Idaho and Damonte Riley of Illinois

The All-Americans at 112 who were able to repeat as All-Americans were Jacob Kauffman of Oregon and Joshua Kremmier of Colorado. Kremmier pinned five of his first six opponents, then lost two matches to place fourth in his pool.

Other returning All-Americans still in the tournament include:
* Jacoby Bergeron of Minnesota (84)
* Brenan Lyon of Michigan (84)
* Jaimie Clark of Ohio (105)
* CJ Thompson of Washington (140)
* Ethan Lofthaus of Utah (160)

In addition to the completion of the Cadet Greco-Roman tournament on Sunday, the Junior Greco-Roman competition begins in the morning session.

Athletes still competing in each pool

Jade Rauser (MT)
Brenan Lyon (MI)
Josh Martinez (WA)
4. Nick Clobes (MN)

Hayden Zillmer (MN)
Jacoby Bergeron (MN)
3. Anthony Leonard (CA)
4. Jake Schramm (IL)

Carson Kuhn (UT)
John Belanger (NY)
Cody Brewer (MO)
4. Devin Carter (CA)

1. Valyen Rauser (MT)
2. Kyle Clagg (CA)
3. Mark Gulesian (FL)
4. Brock Krumm (ND)

Tony Pena (CO)
Zach Zimmer (CA)
Robert Dyar (AL)
4. Eric Forde (ND)

Jesse Thielke (WI)
Jerry Huff (CO)
Rossi Bruno (FL)
4. Brock Banta (ID)

Luke Schofield (IN)
Daniel DeShazer (KS)
Efrain Aguilar (WA)
4. Allen Tate III (IL)

Alan Waters (MO)
Jamie Clark (OH)
Ryak Finch (AZ)
4. Tyler Johnson (CA)

Patrick Mucha (WA)
Jacob Kaufman (OR)
Dylan Ness (MN)
4. Joshua Kremmier (CO)

Destin McCauley (MN)
Frank Cagnina (NJ)
Luke Goettl (AZ)
4. Casey Lanave (NY)

Bret Baumbach (IA)
Revaughn Perkins (NE)
Josh Kindig (PA)
4. Tyler Spangler (VA)

Justin LaValle (MN)
Ellis Coleman (IL)
Tracy Huffman (ID)
4. Eric Hess (PA)

Dylan Carew (IA)
Kyle Bradley (MO)
Alex Bridgeford (NE)
4. Kaleb Friedley (MO)

Chris Gonzalez (IL)
Mac Bailey (MO)
Ryan Rosales (OK)
4. Luke Vaith (MN)

Derek Garcia (WA)
Daniel Domanico (GA)
Colin Shober (PA)
Tanner Hiatt (IA)

1. Dylan Alton (PA)
2. Derek Olson (WI)
3. Mike Crowley (NJ)
4. Joseph Castellano (IL)

Brock Gutches (OR)
Cody Rodebaugh (CA)
Andrew Alton (PA)
4. Anthony Volpe (NY)

Mike Nevinger (NY)
Chase Gordon (FL)
Nick Moore (IA)
4. Doug Jordan (WY)

C.J. Thompson (WA)
Marshall Peppleman (PA)
Joe Foreman (IL)
4. Dan Cox (MN)

1. Justin Gonzales (CO)
2. Kalvin York (WI)
3. Tyler Miller (IL)
4. Cody Barrick (PA)

1. Mark Stenberg (IL)
2. Tyler Sheridan (CA)
3. Shaun O'Neill (WI)
4. Shawn Thomas (OK)

1. Dirk Cowburn (PA)
2. Zachary Skates (OK)
3. Jahwon Akui (IL)
4. Wally Figaro (FL)

1. Mike Curby (MI)
2. Tyler Lehmann (MN)
3. Victor Asencio (PA)
4. Ryan Jorgenson (WA)

Kyle Detmer (KS)
Jordan Brown (KS)
3. Preston Keiffer (NJ)
4. Dan Martin (IL)

Ethen Lofthouse (UT)
Michael Evans (PA)
3. Brandon Ward (IL)
4. Tyler Beckwith (NY)

Cody Johnson (OK)
Joe Raygor (WI)
Stephen McPeek (TX)
4. Mark Myers (IN)

John Elben (MO)
Damon Jones (IN)
3. Ian Daube (CA)
4. Micah Larson (MN)

Joel Bauman (MN)
Jesse Hellinger (CA)
3. Ethan Blackstock (GA)
4. Jacob Dempsey (WV)

Andrew Campalattano (NJ)
Jake Filkins (WI)
Courtland Harrison (TX)
4. Hayden Bock (MO)

Max Huntley (Armed Forces)
Jonathan Becker (NJ)
3. Patrick Blankenbecker (GA)
Lucas Mondragon (OR)

Alex Polizzi (WI)
Reggie Reed (IL)
Chaz Brock (IN)
4. Luke Macchiaroli (AZ)

Trevor Spude (WI)
Kyle Caylor (KS)
Brady Anderson (WY)
4. Anthony Pike (AZ)

Evan Craig (PA)
Zach Anderson (WI)
Chris Brassell (IL)
4. Jonathan Clark (IN)

Toby Erickson (MT)
Zach Stocum (OH)
Nikola Bogojevic (WI)
4. Jonathan Paul (IA)
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