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This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Final Results from the Big Ten

BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIPS THIRD SESSION REPORT - Ten Big Ten Champions are crowned, and Minnesota claims the team title Final Team standings 1. Minnesota, 154 pts. (10 qualifiers) 2. Illinois, 130.5 (9 qualifiers) 3. Iowa, 129.5 (8 qualifiers) 4. Michigan, 109 (8 qualifiers) 5. Ohio State, 104.5 (10 qualifiers) 6. Wisconsin, 75 (5 qualifiers) 7. Michigan State, 65 (6 qualifiers) 8. Indiana, 59.5 (5 qualifiers) 9. Purdue, 50 (5 qualifiers) 10. Penn State, 35 (6 qualifiers) 11. Northwestern, 6 (0 qualifiers) Gold medal match, play by plays 125 pounds No. 1 Jody Strittmatter (Iowa) dec. No. 2 Leroy Vega (Minnesota), 3-0 First period No scoring Second period Strittmatter is down Escape, Strittmatter, 1:50 left, 1-0 Strittmatter Takedown, Strittmatter, 1:18 left, 3-0, Strittmatter Third period Both on feet Takedown, Strittmatter, 0:49 left, 5-0 Strittmatter Riding Time of 2:05, Strittmatter, 6-0 Strittmatter 133 pounds No. 1 Eric Juergens (Iowa) dec. No. 6 Kevin Black (Wisconsin), 13-6 First period Takedown, Juergens, 2:32 left, 2-0 Juergens Escape, Black, 1:41 left, 2-1 Juergens Takedown, Juergens, 1:20 left, 4-1 Juergens Escape, Black, 1:19 left, 4-2 Juergens Takedown, Juergens, 1:00 left, 6-2 Juergens Escape, Black, 0:29 left, 6-3 Juergens Second period Juergens is down Escape, Juergens, 1:51 left, 7-3 Juergens Takedown, Juergens, 0:59 left, 9-3 Juergens Escape, Black, 0:38 left, 9-4 Juergens Third period Black is down Escape, Black, 1:59 left, 9-5 Juergens Takedown, Juegens, 1:30 left, 11-5, Juergens Escape, Black, 1:23 left, 11-6 Juergens Stall penalty against Black, 0:11, 12-6 Juergens Riding Time of 1:27 for Juergens, 13-6 Juergens 141 pounds No. 1 Doug Schwab (Iowa) dec. No. 2 Chad Erikson (Minnesota), 9-6 First period Takedown, Schwab, 1:25 left, 2-0 Schwab Escape, Erikson, 0:16 left, 2-1, Schwab Takedown, Schwab, 0:07 left, 4-2 Schwab Second period Both on feet Takedown, Schwab, 1:01 left, 6-2 Schwab Escape, Erikson, 0:20 left, 6-3 Schwab Third period Erickson down Escape, Erikson, 1:50 left, 6-3 Schwab Takedown, Schwab, 0:57 left, 8-3 Schwab Escape, Erikson, 0:29 left, 8-4 Schwab Takedown, Erickson 0:06 left, 8-6 Schwab Riding time of 2:24, Schwab, 9-6, Schwab 149 pounds No. 2 Jared Lawrence (Minnesota) dec. No. 1 Adam Tirapelle (Illinois), 9-5 First period Takedown, Lawrence, 1:22 left, 2-0 Lawrence Escape, Tirapelle, 1:10 left, 2-1 Lawrence Second period Tirapelle is down Escape, Tirapelle, 1:48 left, 2-2 Takedown, Lawrence, 1:33 left, 4-2 Lawrence Escape, Tirapelle, 1:17 left, 4-3 Lawrence Takedown, Lawrence, 1:13 left, 6-3 Lawrence Third period Lawrence is down Escape, Lawrence, 1:41 left, 7-3 Lawrence Takedown, Tirapelle, 0:35 left, 7-5 Lawrence Escapre, Law, 0:22 left, 8-5 Lawrence Riding Time of 1:22, Lawrence, 9-5 Lawrence 157 Pounds No. 1 T.J. Williams (Iowa) dec. No. 2 Luke Becker (Minnesota), 15-7 First period Takedown, Williams, 2:48 left, 2-0 Williams Escape, Becker, 2:44 left, 2-1 Williams Takedown, Williams, 1:55 left, 4-1 Williams Reversal, Becker, 1:42 left, 4-3 Williams Escape, Williams, 1:29 left, 5-3 Williams Takedown, Williams, 0:57 left, 7-3 Williams Escape, Becker, 0:55 left, 7-4 Williams Takedown, Williams, 0:49 left, 9-4 Williams Escape, Becker, 0:30 left, 9-5 Williams Second period Becker down Escape, Becker, 1:58 left, 9-6 Williams Third period Williams down Escape, Williams, 1:40 left, 10-6 Williams Takedown, Williams, 0:54 left, 12-6 Williams Escape, Becker, 0:39 left, 12-7 Williams Stall penalty against Becker, 0:22 left, 13-7 Williams Takedown, Williams, 0:01 left, 15-7 165 pounds No. 1 Donny Pritzlaff (Wisconsin) dec. No. 2 Matt Lackey (Illinois), 4-2 First period No takedowns Second period Pritzlaff down Escape, Pritzlaff, 1:54, 1-0 Pritzlaff Third period Lackey down Escape, Lackey, 1:33 left, 1-1 Takedown, Pritzlaff, 1:14, 3-1 Escape, Lackey, 0:23, 3-2 Riding Time of 1:11, Pritzlaff, 4-2 174 pounds No. 1 Otto Olson (Michigan) dec. No. 6 Ryan Hieber (Ohio State), 6-2 First period Takedown, Olson, 1:21 left, 2-0 Olson Esapre, Hieber, 0:50 left, 2-1 Olson Takedown Olson, 0:33 left, 4-1 Olson Second period Olson is down Escape, Olson, 1:54 left, 5-1 Olson Third period Hieber down Escape, Heiber, 1:17 left, 5-2 Olson Penalty point- roughness on Olson, 0:08 left, 5-3 Olson Riding Time of 1:37, Olson 6-3 184 pounds No. 1 Nate Patrick (Illinois) dec. No. 2 Victor Sveda (Indiana), 4-2, ot First period No scoring Second period Patrick down Escape, Patrick, 1:58 left, 1-0 Patrick Third period Sveda is down Reversal, Sveda, 1:44 left, 2-1 Sveda Escape, Patrick, 1:16 left, 2-2 Overtime Takedown, Patrick, 0:19 left, 4-2 Patrick 197 pounds No. 5 Pat Quirk (Illinois) dec. No. 7 Jon Bush (Purdue), 5-2 First period Takedown, Quirk, 1:14 left, 2-0 Quirk Escape, Bush, 0:33 left, 2-1 Quirk Second period Bush is down Escape, Bush, 1:20 left, 2-2 Third period Both on feet Takedown, Quirk, 0:12 left, 4-2 Quirk Riding Time of 1:23, Quirk, 5-2 285 pounds No. 2 Garrett Lowney (Minnesota) dec. No. 4 John Lockhart (Illinois), 5-1 First period Takedown, Lowney, 0:13, 2-0 Lowney Second period Lockhart is down Escape, Lockhart, 1:52, 2-1 Lowery Third period Lowney is down Escape, Lowney, 1:45, 3-1 Lowney Takedown, Lowney, 0:18 left, 5-1, Lowney Wrestler of the Championships - Jared Lawrence, Minnesota Wrestler of the Year - Eric Juergens, Iowa Coach of the Year - Mark Johnson, Illinois Freshman of the Year - Tommy Rowlands, Ohio State NCAA Qualifiers - The top seven in each weight class, plus two Wildcards Wildcards - Greg Schaefer (Indiana, 125) and Nik Fekete (Michigan State, 197) COACHES QUOTES AND FINAL WRAPUP STORY TO COME MEDAL MATCH WRAPUP The session began with the consolation semifinals, then the seventh, fifth and third place medal matches. These bouts are important for many reasons. For the teams, this is an opportunity to tack on more points, in the sifting out of final placement. For the athletes in the seventh place match, a win puts you in the NCAA meet. A loss makes you a candidate for the two remaining wildcard slots, a position that nobody wants to be in. The intensity of the consi semifinals are high, right off the bat. These are all talented athletes, fighting for a shot at a bronze. Their seeding at the NCAA Tournament is at stake, as well as their pride after losing a bout the day before. A third place at Big Tens can still set you up for nationals; Otto Olson of Michigan was third here two years ago, and then became an NCAA runner-up two weeks later. Wins in the consolations semis are big. When No. 3 Keaton Anderson of Ohio State held on to beat No. 4 Mike Zadick of Iowa, 9-7, in spite of Zadick's frantic pressure in the closing seconds, it was a boost for Ohio State's hopes of climbing higher in the standings. Bonus points are still available for the teams, but very hard to get. When Minnesota wrestlers Brad Pike of Minnesota at 157 and Jacob Volkman at 174 claimed major decisions, it added more breathing room for the Gophers, who are in the position to finish it all off before the finals, if they stay the course.At the end of the session, the Gophers had expanded their lead over Illinois to 23 points, in effect nailing the door shut for the team title. The seventh place matches have tremendous personal emotion, as the winner goes to the NCAAs and the loser most probably will stay home. At 125 pounds, when unseeded Josh Moore of Penn State defeated No. 3 Greg Schaefer of Indiana, 6-4, it was a boost for the embattled Nittany Lions. When teammates Nate Wachter, a No. 8 seed at 149, Pete Mielnik, No. 8 at 197 and Bob Jones, No. 7 at 275, all won their seventh place bouts, it gave the Nittany Lions even more NCAA qualifiers. Penn State came into the session buried in 10th place, but salvaged some respect, and their six NCAA qualifiers will have another fresh chance in two weeks in Iowa City. The third and fifth place matches are all about persona
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