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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Finals Results - Play by Play

Championship Matches 125 pounds Adam Mars, Soph, Adams State versus Mack LaRock, Senior, Nebraska-Omaha Adam Mars score a defensive fall in :18 seconds off of a low ankle shot and scramble. 133 pounds Brian Luna, Junior, Southern Colorado versus Cole Province, Freshman, Central Oklahoma Province scores takedown at 2:18 score 2-0 Luna escapes at 1:40 score 2-1 Luna nearly scores at the end of the first score 2-1 Province leads. Luna chooses bottom to start the second. Province called for stalling for not returning the bottom wrestler. Province escapes at 1:25 score 2-2 Province scores takedown with :25 seconds. Province leads 4-2 Province takes bottom scores reversal at 1:20, score 6-2 Luna esacapes and receives a point for stalling score 6-4; Province leads Province receives 1 point for riding time. Province wins by the score of 7-4. 141 pounds Paul Konechne, senior, SDSU versus Jay Yates, Junior, Indianapolis Konechne scores takedown at 2:35 leads 2-0 Yates scores reversal off of a switch at 2:10, score 2-2 Konechne escapes at 1:50 and leads 3-2. Konechne scores tkdn off of a headlock attempt by Yates at :57, Konechne leads 5-2 Konechne chooses bottom and escapes at 1:50, leads 6-2. Konechne scores a tkdn at :45, leads 8-2. Yates chooses neutral to start the third. Konechne scores a tkdn at 1:20 and leads 10-2, fighting for an important major decision in the team race. Konechne gets one point for riding time and wins by a major decision 11-2. 149 pounds Gable Sullivan, senior, Central Oklahoma versus Nick Spencer, Senior, West Liberty Spencer scores a front qtr tkdn with 3 point nearfall at 1:35 and leads 5-0. Sullivan escapes at 1:20, score 5-1. Sullivan chooses bottom and is intentionally released, score 5-2 Sullivan leads. Sullivan is warned for stalling. Sullivan hits hi-c to a granby cradle at :55 with 3 points nearfall and leads 7-5. Spencer chooses neutral to start the third trailing 7-5. Spencer hits a takdn with back points at :35 and leads 10-7. Sullivan escapes with :06. Spencer win 10-8. 157 pounds Matt Petsinger, senior, Minnesota State, versus Lazaro Reinoso, senior, Carson-Newman Petsinger scores a tkdwn 2:25 and leads 2-0. Reinoso reverses at 2:10 tying the scoring 2-2. Reinoso releases Petsinger, and trails 3-2. Reinoso scores a tkdwn at :58 and leads 4-3 Petsinger escapes at :33, score tied at 4-4 Reinoso warned for stalling at :36. Petsinger chooses bottom and is released and leads 5-4 Reinoso scores tkdn at 1:40 and leads 6-5. Petsinger released, score is 6-6. Reinoso score tkdwn leads 8-6. Petsinger is released trails 8-7. Petsinger scores tkdn and leads 9-8. Reinoso takes injury timeout at the end of the second period, trails 9-8. Reinoso chooses bottom. Petsinger secures riding time at 1:15. Reinoso escapes at :15 ties 9-9 Petsinger receives riding time point and wins 10-9. 165 pounds Matt Ballard, senior, Central Washington versus Dave Vondy, junior, Western State Ballard is warned for stalling at 1:20, after Vondy attcks hard at the upper-body. Score is 0-0 after the first period. Vondy chooses bottom to start the second. Vondy scores a reversal on the edge at 1:21 and leads 2-0. Ballard escapes at :44 and trails 2-1. Ballard score a takdn at :11 by sliding to a body-lock off of his shot and leads 3-2. Ballard chooses bottom leading 3-2. Vondy hits a cradle off the whistle for 3 points and leads 5-3. Ballard escapes at 1:11 and trails 5-4. Ballard scores tkdn at :38 and leads 6-5. No riding time. Vondy escapes at :23 and ties the score 6-6. It goes to overtime; Vondy would have choice. Vondy chooses bottom. Vondy escapes at :17 and wins. 174 pounds Todd Fuller, junior, NDSU versus Mike Mitchell, senior, American Int. Fuller scores tkdn at 2:03 and leads 2-0. Mitchell escapes at 1:40 and trails 2-1. Mitchell chooses bottom to start the second trailing 2-1. Mitchell escapes at 1:50 and ties the score 2-2. Fuller throws a big hip toss out of bounds and receives no points. Fuller gets a takdn at 1:20 and leads 4-2. Mitchell takes injury time. Fuller scores 2 point near fall off of a half and hip lift and leads 6-2. Mitchell escapes at :45 and trails 6-3. Mitchell is struggling with a injured left ankle. Fuller chooses bottom leading 6-3. Fuller escapes at 1:50 leading 7-3. Mitchell is warned at 1:45. Fuller scores tkdwn at 1:13 and leads 9-3. Mitchell escapes at :10 and trails 9-4. Fuller wins 10-4 with riding time, and becomes a two time National Champion as a junior. 184 pounds Steve Saxlund, senior, NDSU versus Muhammed Lawal, soph, Central Oklahoma Lawal scores tkdn and leads 2-0 at 1:19. Saxuland escapes and trails 2-1 Saxuland score a tkdn with no time on the edge and leads 3-2 Saxuland chooses bottom escapes and leads 4-2 Lawal scores tkdn 1:41 and ties score at 4-4. Saxlund escapes and leads 5-4. Saxlund scores tkdn at :55 and leads 7-4. Lawal is ridden out the rest of the period. Lawal chooses neutral. Saxlund scores a tkdn at 1:03 and leads 9-4. Lawal is warned for stalling. Saxlund receives a point for riding time. Saxlund wins 10-4, and repeats as a National Champion. 197 pounds Kevin Lochner, soph, Southern Colorado versus Dough Joseph, senior, Gannon Joseph scores tkdn at 1:18 score 2-0 Joseph cradles Lochner for 2 points but is reversed, score is 4-2. Lochner escapes at :22, score is 5-2 Joseph leads. Joseph chooses bottom. Joseph is warned for stalling at 1:36. Joseph escapes at 1:21 and leads 6-2. Lochner chooses bottom and escapes at 1:48, trailing 6-3. Joseph wins 6-3. 285 pounds Jon Madsen, SDSU, soph, SDSU versus Nick Severson, junior, NDSU Severson is warned for stalling at 1:00. Madsen is warned for stalling at :30. 0-0 after the first period. Severson chooses bottom to start the second. Severson escapes at 1:53 and leads 1-0. Madsen chooses bottom and escapes at 1:53; the score is tied 1-1. Severson scores a pin at 1:01 off of a giant bodylock at the edge of themat. Severson's title victory wins the National Title for NDSU.
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