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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Live-Time Results - Session III will be providing live-time results from matches throughout the tournament as they happen. Complete match results will be posted in the Complete Match Results section at the end of each session. The Quarterfinals matches are underway. At 125 Pounds... On Mat 7 Jody Strittmatter (Iowa) has AJ Grant (Mich) on his back. Strittmatter leads 9-0 at the end of the second period with riding time advantage. Strittmatter advances to the finals with a 13-0 major decision. On Mat 2 Stephan Abas (Fresno State) is up 5-2 on Reuben DeLeon (Cal St. Bak). Heading into the third period, Abas leads 6-2. Abas advances with a 8-3 decision. On Mat 6 Leroy Vega (Okla) lead Ryan Escobar (Ill) 4-0 in the second period. Vegas also has 1:28 riding time. Going into the third period Vega leads 8-1 with 2 minutes of riding time. Vega advances with a 13-3 major decision. On Mat 3 Mario Stuart (Lehigh) and Amad Sanders (Central Mich), two undseeded wrestlers battle for a trip to the semis. Stuart upset #5 seed Matt Ridings and Sanders beat Hoang from Duke who upset #4 seed Jason Powell yesterday. Heading into the third period, Stuart leads 13-8. Stuart advances 17-9. At 133 Pounds... #1 seed Eric Juergens (Iowa) faces #9 seed Kevin Black (Wis). Heading into the second period Jergens leads 6-2. Juergens takes an 8-2 lead into the third period. Juergens advances with a 13-6 decision. #5 seed Roman Fleaszar (Hofstra) faces #4 Pat MacNammara (Mich State). Heading into the second period MacNammara leads 3-2. Fleaszar leads 8-4 going into the third period. Fleaszar will advance with an 8-4 decision. #3 seed Todd Beckerman (Neb) faces #11 seed David Douglas (Ariz. St). Heading into the second period the score is tied 0-0. Beckerman leads 2-0 heading into the third period. Beckerman advances with a 2-0 decision. #2 seed Johnny Thompson (Ok State) faces #7 seed Matt Azevedo (Iowa St). Heading into the second period Thompson leads 4-1. Going into the third, Azevedo leads 5-4, but Thompson has 1:07 riding time. Thompson wins by the 1-pt riding time advantage. At 141 Pounds... #8 seed Charles Walker (Okla St.) will face #1 seed Doug Schwab (Iowa). In the second period, Walker leads 1-0. Schwab geta at takedown with 13 seconds left to win the 3-1 decision. #12 seed Mike Maney (Lock Haven) will face #4 seed Sean Gray (Va Tech). Gray leads 3-0 heading into the third period. Gary advacnes with a 6-0 decision. #11 seed Grant Hoerr (Wisconsin) will face #3 seed Eric Larkin (Arizona St). Black leads 2-0 heading into the thir period. Hoerr wins by a riding time point to advance. #7 seed Chad Erikson (Minn) will face #2 seed Michael Lightner (Okla). Lightner leads 7-1 in mid second period. Lightner advances with a 12-3 decision. At 149 Pounds... #8 seed Jared Frayer (Okla) will face unseeded Mike Zadick (Iowa). Zadick is thrown to his back; Frayer leads 5-0 heading into the second period. Frayer tacks on another takedown and takes a 7-0 lead into the third period. Frayer advances to the semis with a 11-4 decision over Zadick. #4 seed Dave Esposito (Lehigh) will face #12 seed Cedric Haymon (Cal Poly-SLO). Heading into the second period, Esposito leads 2-1. Esposito now takes a commanding 7-1 lead into the third period. Esposito will advance with a 8-2 decision. #3 seed Adam Tirapelle (Illinois) will face #11 seed Mike Kulczycki (Mich). Tirapelle gets the fall at 1:55 to advance. #7 seed JaMarr Billman (Lock Haven) will face #2 seed Jared Lawrence (Minn). Heading into the second period, Lawrence leads 2-1. Lawrence leads 5-2 heading into the third period. Lawrence will advance with a 6-2 decision. ** Iowa now leads the team race 58.5 points At 157 Pounds... #8 seeded Ed Hockenberry (Bloomsburg) will face #1 seeded T.J. Williams (Iowa). Heading into the second period Williams leads 4-2. Williams advances with a 6-4 decision. #12 seeded Shane Roller (Oklahoma St) will face #4 seeded Eric Jorgensen (Oregon St). Heading into the second period Jorgenson leads 3-2. Roller has reclaimed the leads 4-3 going into the third period. #12 seed Roller advances over the #4 seed with a 6-5 decision. Unseeded Scott Owen (Northern Illinois) will face #6 seed Luke Becker (Minnesota). Heading into the second period Becker leads 2-1. Becker leads 6-3 heading into the third period. Becker advacnes with a 9-4 decision. #7 seed Cole Sanderson (Iowa St) will face #2 seed Bryan Snyder (Nebraska). Heading into the second period Snyder leads 2-1. Now in the third period, Synder leads 7-2. Snyder advances with a 7-2 decision. At 165 Pounds... #1 seed Donny Pritzlaff (Wisc) will face #9 seed Kevin Stanley (Indiana). Pritzlaff leads 7-1 going into the second period. Pritzlaff will advance with a tech fall 17-2. #4 seed Robbie Waller (Okla) will face #5 seed Matt Lackey (Illinois). Heading into the second period that match is tied at 0. The match goes to OT tied 1-1. Lackey wins with a takedown in OT 3-1. Unseeded Brad Pike (Minn) will face Unseeded Ben Shirk (Iowa). Heading into the second period Shirk leads 2-0. Pike advances with a maj decision 10-2 #2 seed Joe Heskett (Iowa St) will face #7 seed Chris Martin (Va Tech). Heskett gives up the first takedown, but comes back to lead 3-2 heading into the second period. Heskett will advances with a 13-3 maj. decision. At 174 Pounds... #1 seed Josh Koscheck (Edinboro) will face #8 seed Nathan Coy (Oregon St). Heading into second period Edinboro leads 3-0.Koscheck advacnes with a 5-1 decision. #4 seed Tyrone Lewis (Oklahoma St) will face #5 seed Gabe McMahan (Iowa). Heading into second period Lewis leads 2-1. In a heated match, Lewis edged past McMahan with a 6-5 decision. #11 seed Michael Barger (Okla) will face #3 seed Maurice Worthy (Army).Heading into second period Worthy leads 3-4. Worthy will advance with a 3-2 decision. #10 seed Jacob Volkmann (Minn) will face #2 seed Otto Olson (Michigan). Heading into second period Olson leds 2-1. A riding time point sens this match to OT. In OT, Worthy gets the takedown and pin. At 184 Pounds... #1 seed Cael Sanderson (Iowa St) will face #8 seed Jessman Smith (Iowa). Sanderson leads 6-2 going into the second period. Sanderson advances with a 22-6 tech fall. Unseeded Scott Justus (Va Tech) will face #4 seed Victor Sveda (Indiana). In a tight match, Sveda comes from behind to win the match 13-8 #3 seed Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma St) will face Unseeded Josh Lambrecht (Oklahoma). Cormier leads 8-3 going into the third period. Cormier will advance with a 16-4 maj decision. #2 seed Nate Patrick (Illinois) will face #7 seed Andy Hrovat (Michigan). Patrick takes a slim 1-0 lead into the third period. No score in OT. In 2Ot, Patrick chooses down gives up 2 nearfall points advancing Hrovat to the semis. At 197 Pounds... #9 seed Nick Preston (Ohio St) will face #1 seed Mark Munoz (Oklahoma St). Munoz gives up the first takedown, but takes a 3-2 lead into the second period. Munoz advances with a 4-3 decision. #5 seed Owen Elzen (Minn) will face Unseeded Babak Nejadmaghaddam (Cal-Fullerton). Unseeded Nejadmaghaddam contolled the match but was turned for nearfall points in the third period. Elzen will advance with a 6-4 decision. Unseeded Rick Romero (Rutgers) will face #11 seed Mike Fickell (Penn). Fickell leads 10-3 going into the second period. Fickel will advance with a 16-8 maj decision. #2 seed Brad Vering (Nebraska) will face #7 seed Pat Quirk (Illinois). The match is tied 0-0 going into the second period. Quirk hits a takedown at the edge to take a 2-1 lead. Quirk upsets the returning National Champion 8-4 to advance. At 285 Pounds... #1 seed Garrett Lowney (Minn) will face #9 seed Leonce Crump (Okla). No points were scored in the first period. Lowney scored the first point with an escape in the second period. #4 seed John Lockhart (Ill) will face #5 seed Matt Brink (Michigan). Lockhart leads 3-1 heading into the third period. Lockhart advances with a 3-2 decision. #3 seed Antonio Garay
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