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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

2001 U.S. National Championship Freestyle Results

2001 USA Senior Freestyle Wt 54 Championship Second Round 33 #8 Shane Valdez (DSWC) DEC Josh Quick (SOPAC Navy) M 12-1 35 #1 Eric Akin (DSWC) WBF Benjamin Garner (USMA WC) F 2:50 37 #5 TJ Hill (OTC) DEC Danny Arriaga (Chino Valley) M 10-0 41 #2 Sean Kim (Sunkist) DEC Vic Moreno (DSWC) M 11-0 45 #6 Marty Kusick (Sunkist) DEC Shaun Cecil (US Navy) M 10-0 Championship Third Round 49 #8 Shane Valdez (DSWC) DEC #9 Lee Pritts (Tigers) D 9-2 50 #1 Eric Akin (DSWC) WBF Steve Cordova (Cowboys) F 2:04 51 #5 TJ Hill (OTC) DEC Keno Shepherd (Unattached) M 10-0 52 #4 Chris Fleeger (DSWC) DEC Clint Wolfley (Bronco WC) M 9-0 53 #2 Sean Kim (Sunkist) DEC Chris Williams (Michigan State) M 18-8 54 #7 Pat Cassidy (NYAC) DEC David Pucino (Southwest Navy) M 10-0 55 #6 Marty Kusick (Sunkist) DEC Gavin James (FMC) M 12-0 56 #3 Tim Dernlan (Ohio International) DEC Carlos Bertot (Gators) M 11-1 Championship Quarter-Finals 57 #1 Eric Akin (DSWC) DEC #8 Shane Valdez (DSWC) M 11-1 59 #2 Sean Kim (Sunkist) DEC #7 Pat Cassidy (NYAC) M 10-0 60 #3 Tim Dernlan (Ohio International) DEC #6 Marty Kusick (Sunkist) D 6-1 Championship Semi-Finals Round 61 #1 Eric Akin (DSWC) DEC #5 TJ Hill (OTC) D 3-1 62 #3 Tim Dernlan (Ohio International) WBF #2 Sean Kim (Sunkist) F MED FOR 3rd - Shane Valdez, Lincoln, Neb. (Dave Schultz WC) won by inj. Dft. Over T.J. Hill, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Lions Den) 5th - Pat Cassidy, Bloomington, Ind. (NYAC) won by inj. Dft. Over Sean Kim, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids) 7th - Chris Fleeger, Trout Run, Pa. (Dave Schultz WC) dec. Marty Kusick, Baltimore, Md. (Sunkist Kids), 5-4, ot, 6:30 Finals - First Place 63 #1 Eric Akin (DSWC) DEC #3 Tim Dernlan (Ohio International) D 7-1 Wt 58 Championship Second Round 159 #8 Ryan Lewis (Minn Storm) DEC Mathew Lanford (Hawaii) M 19-9 160 #9 Matt Azevedo (Cyclone) DEC Michael Simpson (Sunkist) D 6-1 161 Dustin Brewer (Cat Club) WBF Zachari Enoch (Rick Sanders WC) F 5:08 163 Jason Harless (Club Oregon) WBF Matt Holt (Torro) F 2:14 164 #4 Jason Kutz (Army) DEC Alexandro Alvarez (Cornell WC) M 12-0 165 Pascual Arriaga (Chino Valley) DEC Scott Karega (Unattached) M 11-3 167 #7 Cody Sanderson (Sunkist) DEC Efren Ceballos (DSWC) M 10-0 168 #10 Jeff Prescott (Sunkist) DEC Eric Ferreira (Windsor Devils) M 11-0 169 Jeremy LaPorte (Kalispell) DEC Hamilton Alvarenga (USA Pounders) D 6-0 171 #6 Mike Mena (NYAC) DEC John Fasana (Rick Sanders WC) M 10-0 172 #11 Zach Roberson (Cyclone) WBF Mike Copperman (DSWC) F 4:06 173 Merujan Aslikyan (Golden Boys) DEC Eric Keller (Knihas) D 4-3 Championship Third Round 175 #9 Matt Azevedo (Cyclone) DEC #8 Ryan Lewis (Minn Storm) D 9-8 176 #1 Kerry Boumans (DSWC) DEC Dustin Brewer (Cat Club) M 10-0 177 #4 Jason Kutz (Army) DEC Jason Harless (Club Oregon) M 9-0 178 Teague Moore (Sunkist) DEC Pascual Arriaga (Chino Valley) M 11-0 179 #7 Cody Sanderson (Sunkist) DEC #10 Jeff Prescott (Sunkist) M 12-2 180 #2 Eric Guerrero (Sunkist) DEC Jeremy LaPorte (Kalispell) M 10-0 181 #6 Mike Mena (NYAC) WBF #11 Zach Roberson (Cyclone) F 1:24 182 #3 Danny Felix (Sunkist) DEC Merujan Aslikyan (Golden Boys) D 3-0 Consolation Third Round 223 John Fasana (Rick Sanders WC) DEC Mike Copperman (DSWC) M 16-5 225 Efren Ceballos (DSWC) DEC Eric Ferreira (Windsor Devils) M 15-4 227 Alexandro Alvarez (Cornell WC) DEC Matt Holt (Torro) M 10-0 229 Michael Simpson (Sunkist) DEC Mathew Lanford (Hawaii) M 16-8 Championship Quarter-Finals 183 #1 Kerry Boumans (DSWC) DEC #9 Matt Azevedo (Cyclone) D 4-1 184 Teague Moore (Sunkist) DEC #4 Jason Kutz (Army) D 6-6;SV 185 #2 Eric Guerrero (Sunkist) DEC #7 Cody Sanderson (Sunkist) D 6-0 186 #6 Mike Mena (NYAC) DEC #3 Danny Felix (Sunkist) D 1-1;SV Championship Semi-Finals Round 187 #1 Kerry Boumans (DSWC) DEC Teague Moore (Sunkist) D 4-3 188 #2 Eric Guerrero (Sunkist) DEC #6 Mike Mena (NYAC) D 5-3 3rd - Jason Kutz, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army) dec. Teague Moore, Pittsburgh, Pa. (Sunkist Kids), 3-2 5th - Dan Felix, Norman, Okla. (Sunkist Kids) won by inj. dft. over Mike Mena, Bloomington, Ind. (NYAC) 7th - Cody Sanderson, Ames, Iowa (Sunkist Kids) won by forfeit Finals - First Place 189 #2 Eric Guerrero (Sunkist) DEC #1 Kerry Boumans (DSWC) D 3-2 Wt 63 Championship First Round 253 Eric Wright (Wyoming) WBF Steven Schuldt (West Point) F 0:43 257 Jeff Ratliff (Ohio International) DEC Adrian Velasquez (West Valley) M 11-0 261 Travis Stauffer (Southwest Navy) DEC Joe Kroetch (North Idaho) D 9-8 265 Eric Guzman (Unattached) DEC Terrence Packer (Unattached) D 10-9 269 #7 Mike Lightner (Sunkist) DEC Pat Garcia (West Wyoming) M 13-2 273 Richard Kamakaihi (Hawaii) DEC Ben Pacheco (USA Pounders) M 13-3 277 #6 Jamill Kelly (Cowboys) DEC Jason East (US Navy) M 10-0 281 #3 Dustin DeNunzio (DSWC) DEC Theo White (Berserkers) M 10-0 Championship Second Round 285 #8 CC Fisher (NYAC) DEC Eric Wright (Wyoming) M 10-0 286 #9 Joe Calavitta (Unattached) DEC Sheldon Kim (Unattached) M 10-0 287 Jeff Ratliff (Ohio International) WBF Sean Wilson (Rio Hondo) F 0:20 288 #1 Bill Zadick (Hawkeye) DEC Clark Forward (Cliffkeen) D 8-1 289 Aaron Holker (Cyclone) DEC Travis Stauffer (Southwest Navy) M 10-0 290 #5 Mike Eirrman (NYAC) DEC James Torres (Hoosier) M 16-6 291 Rich Cordova (Cowboys) DEC Eric Guzman (Unattached) M 10-0 292 #4 Jeremy Ensrud (DSWC) DEC Chris Bettineski (Club West) M 9-1 293 #7 Mike Lightner (Sunkist) DEC LeviWeikel Magden (DSWC) M 10-0 294 #10 Ty Reynolds (Olympic TC) DEC Alan Gomez (Southwest Navy) M 11-0 295 Richard Kamakaihi (Hawaii) DEC Luis Fragosa (Rio Hondo) D 14-11 296 #2 John Fisher (Sunkist) WBF Matt Paulson (Club West) F MED FOR 297 #6 Jamill Kelly (Cowboys) DEC Cole Province (UCO) M 10-0 298 Juan Venturi (PFW) DEC Justin Bedwell (Chabot) M 15-5 299 #3 Dustin DeNunzio (DSWC) DEC Kevin Vees (Johnson and Wales) M 10-0 300 William Valentine (Iron Pit) WBF James Harwood (Unattached) F 1:15 Consolation Second Round 332 Steven Schuldt (West Point) WBF James Harwood (Unattached) F 4:44 334 Justin Bedwell (Chabot) WBF Adrian Velasquez (West Valley) F 5:47 336 Joe Kroetch (North Idaho) WBF Matt Paulson (Club West) F FORFEIT 338 Alan Gomez (Southwest Navy) WBF Terrence Packer (Unattached) F 1:57 340 Chris Bettineski (Club West) DEC Pat Garcia (West Wyoming) D 7-2 342 James Torres (Hoosier) DEC Ben Pacheco (USA Pounders) M 12-0 344 Clark Forward (Cliffkeen) DEC Jason East (US Navy) D 3-0 346 Theo White (Berserkers) DEC Sheldon Kim (Unattached) D 17-13 Championship Third Round 301 #9 Joe Calavitta (Unattached) DEC #8 CC Fisher (NYAC) D 9-8 302 #1 Bill Zadick (Hawkeye) DEC Jeff Ratliff (Ohio International) M 10-0 303 #5 Mike Eirrman (NYAC) WBF Aaron Holker (Cyclone) F 5:53 304 #4 Jeremy Ensrud (DSWC) WBF Rich Cordova (Cowboys) F 2:35 305 #7 Mike Lightner (Sunkist) DEC #10 Ty Reynolds (Olympic TC) M 10-0 306 #2 John Fisher (Sunkist) WBF Richard Kamakaihi (Hawaii) F 0:51 307 #6 Jamill Kelly (Cowboys) DEC Juan Venturi (PFW) M 10-0 308 #3 Dustin DeNunzio (DSWC) WBF William Valentine (Iron Pit) F 0:47 Consolation Third Round 348 Steven Schuldt (West Point) DEC Kevin Vees (Johnson and Wales) D 8-6 349 Cole Province (UCO) DEC Justin Bedwell (Chabot) M 10-0 350 Luis Fragosa (Rio Hondo) WBF Joe Kroetch (North Idaho) F 3:51 351 LeviWeikel Magden (DSWC) WBF Alan Gomez (Southwest Navy) F 2:42 352 Chris Bettineski (Club West) DEC Eric Guzman (Unattached) M 11-1 353 James Torres (Hoosier) WBF Travis Stauffer (Southwest Navy) F 2:59 354 Clark Forward (Cliffkeen) DEC Sean Wilson (Rio Hondo) M 11-0 Consolation Fourth Round 356 Aaron Holker (Cyclone) DEC Steven Schuldt (West Point) M 10-2 357 Rich Cordova (Cowbo
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