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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Top age-group women wrestlers to compete in USA Wrestling’s FILA Cadet National Championships; FILA

The best young women freestyle wrestlers in the United States will travel to Dayton, Ohio to compete in two major USA Wrestling national championship events. The Women's FILA Cadet National Championships, as well as the Women's FILA Junior Nationals and World Team Trials will be held Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio, June 1-3. The FILA Cadet age level includes athletes who are 15-17 years old. Top young high school and middle school wrestlers from across the nation will battle for coveted national championships and All-American honors. Both of these tournaments are open, meaning there are no pre-qualification requirements. Athletes who wish to compete must meet age requirements. For additional information, contact Gary Abbott of USA Wrestling at 719-598-8181. Returning FILA Cadet National champions include Erica Dye of West Virginia (94), Sara Fulp-Allen of California (101), Malinda Ripley of California (108), Brooke Bogren of Kansas (114), Brandy Rosenbrock of Michigan (121) and Devin Kelly of Pennsylvania (143). The FILA Junior World age level includes athletes from 17-20 years old. FILA, the international federation, hosts a World Championships at this age group each year. The champions from this event will be eligible to represent the United States at the FILA Junior World Championships in Martigny, Switzerland, Aug. 16-19. Returning champions include Mary Kelly of Illinois (94.75), Clarrisa Chun of Hawaii (101.25), Melina Hutchison of Alaska (110), Erin Tomeo of Pennsylvania (119), Carrie Birge of Nebraska (127.75), Toccara Montgomery of Ohio (149.75) and Dominque Smalley of Iowa (165.25). Many of these athletes are already stars on the Senior level in the United States. Some of these athletes compete on U.S. women's college wrestling teams, and others are members of some of the major freestyle wrestling clubs in the United States. Montgomery was the 2001 U.S. Nationals champion on the Senior level, and was named Outstanding Wrestler at the national championships. She was also the Outstanding Wrestler at last year's FILA Junior Nationals and World Team Trials. Smalley won a gold medal at the 2000 FILA Junior World Championships. All seven of the returning FILA Junior Nationals champions have been nationally ranked on the Senior level in the United States. This competition will be held alongside the Central Kids/Cadet Regional Championships, featuring the top youth athletes from ages 9-16 from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and West Virginia. A variety of ticket prices are available. All-session passes for adults are $12. The price is $5 a day for adults and $3 a day for senior citizens. Special rates include $15 a day for a family of four and $25 for an all-session pass for a family of four. Children 12 years old and under attend free. PRESEASON WOMEN'S AGE-GROUP FREESTYLE NATIONAL RANKINGS FILA Cadet (1984-85, 1986 with medical certificate) 83 - none ranked 88 - none ranked 94 - 1. Erica Dye (WV); 2. Tabitha Coffey (CA); 3. Maika Watanabe (CA) 101 - 1. Sara Fulp Allen (CA); 2. Melissa Moore (CA); 3. Deanna Rix (ME); 4. Lenci Landacker (CA) 108 - 1. Malinda Ripley (CA); 2. Veronica Martinez (NM); 3. Keristen LaBelle (MI); 4. Lindsay Baltusaitis (MI) 114 - 1. Brooke Bogren (KS); 2. Teresa Dalben (CA); 3. Lindsey Orabona (NC); 4. Sara Bergman (MN); 5. Jennifer Smith (SC); 6. Rachel Monroe (IN); 7. Emily Rinehart (CA) 123 - 1. Brandy Rosenbrock (MI); 2. Alaina Berube (MI); 3. Suzanne Kivi (NV); 4. Evin Murphy (NC) ; 5. Tiffany West (IN); 6. Erica Montoya (CA) 132 - 1. Wendy Casey (NY); 2. Monica Clay (IN); 3. Alisha Kreisel (MN); 4. Dana Kearney (FL); 5. Jammi Johnson (MN); 6. Anna Matteson (NC) 143 - 1. Devin Kelly (PA); 2. Heather Martin (OH); 3. Hanna Robbins (WA); 4. Dawn Schweiderwent (WI) 154 - 1. Melyssa Fuqua (MA); 2. Elizabeth DeRoy (CA); 3. Angela Bergman (MN); 4. Monique Patino (CA); 5. Tricia Mora (NV) FILA Junior (1981-83, 1984 with medical certificate) 94.75 - 1. Mary Kelly (IL); 2. Lindsay Torrance (CA); 3. Erica Dye (WV); 4. Tabitha Coffey (CA) 101.25 - 1. Clarissa Chun (HI); 2. Lisa Ward (WA); 3. Sandra Padron (MI); 4. Rachel Bernardes (NJ); 5. Jennifer Donahoe (MN); 6. Micah Kelly (PA); 7. Arielle Bradbury (WA); 8. Rachel Salazar (CA) 110 - 1. Jenny Wong (MN); 2. Melina Hutchison (AK); 3. Jessica Shirley (OH); 4. Katie Kunimoto (KY); 5. Shelley-Ann Tomita (HI); 6. Marianne Volmer (MI); 7. Amy Alvaro (NY); 8. Cheryl Wong (NY) 119 - 1. Erin Tomeo (PA); 2. Tela O'Donnell (AK); 3. Katrina Betts (MI); 4. Jessica Bixby (NY); 5. Brook Bogren (KS); 6. Elizabeth Domagas (CA); 7. Teresa Dalbert (CA); 8. Brook Hareema (CA) 127.75 - 1. Carrie Birge (NE); 2. Cathilee Albert (CO); 3. Lisa Bisers (PA); 4. Rosaria DeCola (MI); 5. Brandi Rosenbrock (MI); 6. Lauren Alderson (TX); 7. Michelle Domegas (CA); 8. Sara Tolin (WY) 138.75 - 1. Megan Andrews (CA); 2. Tori Adams (TX); 3. Peggy Vandemark (MN); 4. Megan McHattie (MN); 5. Brandy Beayon (VT); 6. Jessica Martin (MI); 7. Devin Kelly (PA); 8. Rebekka DeCola (MI) 149.75 - 1. Toccara Montgomery (OH); 2. Katie Downing (IN); 3. Kaci Lyle (CA); 4. Melanie Macari (CA); 5. Elena Mena (MN); 6. Teri Kleinberg (CA); 7. Jenna Pavlik (DE); 8. Reeah Winkle (CA) 165.25 - 1. Dominique Smalley (IA); 2. Alicia Mena (MN); 3. Allison Patrick (ID); 4. Donell Bradley (HI); 5. Samantha Branka (MI); 6. Wendy Hunter (OH); 7. Ann Gerlach (MN); 8. Jennifer Welch (TX)
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