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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Session 1 Greco-Roman - U.S. Nationals, Las Vegas, Nev.,


700 David Zuniga, Minn Storm WBTF Jeffrey Schildroth, Michigan 11-0;0:50

701 Willy Knight, Ohio Intl WBTF Gary Garcia, Bear Claw 11-0;1:06


702 Lindsey Durlcher, Nyac WBTF Gavin James, Farm Grizzlies 11-0;1:30

703 Broderick Lee, Socal WBTF Mike Mishoe, S.C. 11-0;2:03

704 Brandon Paulson, Minn Storm WBTF Pascual Arriaga, Armed Forces 11-1;2:01

63 KG

705 Shon Lewis, Armed Forces WBTF Robert Middlebrook, Armed Forces 11-0;2:56

706 Steve Horton, Armed Forces WBTF Darell Stockton, Armed Forces 10-0;1:34

707 James Shillow, Armed Forces WBTF Justin Walker, Dave Schultz 11-0;1:33

708 Glenn Garrison, Peninsula Wc WBTF Derrick Padilla, Armed Forces 11-0;1:22

709 Brian Pickering, Armed Forces DEC Scott Munsey, Armed Forces 8-0;6:00

710 Glenn Nierdka, Armed Forces WBTF Paul Musso, Atlas 10-0;1:19

711 Philip Rembert, Sunkist DEC George Mckinney, California 14-5;6:00

712 Charley Carbaugh, Armed Forces WBTF Mark Rial, Cat Wc 10-0;6:00

69 KG

713 David Zuniga, Minn Storm WBTF James Gross, California 10-0;1:44

714 Ben Cameron, Armed Forces WBF Jeremy Kelly, Atlas 2:06

715 Robin Watkins, Armed Forces DEC Johnny Torres, Ecsk 6-4;6;00

716 Keith Wilson, Armed Forces WBF Charley Johnson, Colorado 0:41

717 Heath Sims, Dave Schultz WBF Joey Clark, Armed Forces 4:56

718 Andrew Brydon, Unattach WBF Eric Griejo, Taos Wc 2:21

719 Steve Woods, Armed Forces WBTF Gilbert Rael, Unattach 10-0;2:51

720 Corey Posey, Nyac WBF James Carlson, Unattach 4:23

721 Willy Knight, Ohio Intl WBTF Dan Catarello, Illinois 13-0

722 Brian Van Hoven, Armed Forces WBTF Ethan Harris, Dave Schultz 10-0;3:00

723 Marcel Cooper, Armed Forces WBTF Jeremy Wynia, Club West 12-2;2;05

724 Brandon Mcnab, Dave Schultz DEC John Paun, Usoec 8-0;6;00

725 Josh Kuisle, Minnesota WBF Chris Clevenger, Peninsula Wc 2:02

726 Chris Saba, Nyac WBTF Mike Tess, Dave Schultz 12-2;2:21

727 Ron Muir, Armed Forces WBTF Theo White, Berserker 11-1;3:41

728 Mike Ellsworth, Michigan Wc DEC Jason Davios, Minn Storm 3-0;6:00

76 KG

729 Terry Harper, California WBTF Omar Emerson, Nevada 10-0;1:30

730 Chris Ferguson, Florida WBF Jeff Funicella, Sunkist 1:43

731 Corey Davis, Armed Forces WBTF Stephen Shone, Unattach 10-0;5:31

732 Matt Lindland, Sunkist WBF Jim Savage, Iowa 0:57

733 Mike Uker, Minn Storm DEC Rob Mckenny, Armed Forces 2-1;9:00

734 Zac Dominguez, Oec WBTF Andre Rodgers, Sopac 13-1;1:37

735 Jeremy Conner, Usma WBF Todd Stull, Central Penn 0:38

736 T.C. Dantzler, Nyac WBF Travis Rasmussen, Iowa 0:33

737 Carl Fronhofer, Pwc WBTF August Wesley, Sunkist 10-0;0:38

738 Kelly Block, Minnesota WBF Joe Thompson, Armed Forces 0:59

739 Michael Mcclendon, Armed Forces DEC Jason Nunn, Oec 6-4;6;00

740 Keith Sieraki, Armed Forces WBF John Lorenz, Usoec 1:05

741 Tom Ciezki, Wildcat DEC Keith Barkers, Armed Forces 9-1;6:00

742 Matthew Petsinger, Minn Storm WBF Keith Norris, Fishcatcher 0:26

743 Kevin Vogel, Michigan Wc WBTF Mike Pierce, Peninsula Wc 10-0;2:13

85 KG

744 James Short, Armed Forces WBTF Abram Haddon, Club West 13-1

745 James Meyer, Unattach WBF Robert Rodriguez, Gold Medal 1:43

746 Tipton Peterson, Armed Forces DEC Kris Sturm, Utah 12-3

747 Roy Raney, California MED FORF Aaron Sieracki, Armed Forces

748 Dan Henderson, Dave Schultz WBF Chris Meyer, Minn Storm 1:04

749 Kenny Owens, Armed Forces ADV WITH A BYE Jon Schneider, Unattach Ye

750 Dan Niebuhr, Sunkist WBTF Carmen Mercadaiste, Dave Schultz 10-0;1:14

751 Ethan Bosch, Nyac WBTF Todd Falk, No Mercy 10-0

97 KG

752 Jesse Porter, New York DEC Jerry Jackson, Georgia 3-1;7:31

753 Dan Hicks, Armed Forces WBTF Jacob Hutchins, Minn Storm 12-0;3:40

754 Dan Sanchez, Nyac DEC Thomas Wagner, Armed Forces 9-2;6:00

755 Mike Foy, Unattach WBF Leonard Simon, California 0:42


69 KG

756 Jason Davios, Minn Storm WBF Jeffrey Schildroth, Michigan 2:41

757 James Carlson, Unattach WBTF Gary Garcia, Bear Claw 12-0;2;11


54 KG

758 Lindsey Durlcher, Nyac WBTF Michael Santos, Armed Forces 19-2;6:00

759 Steven Mayes, Armed Forces WBTF Chris Conner, Hawaii Marines 10-0;0:39

760 Broderick Lee, Socal WBTF Marcos Jeantete, Armed Forces 13-0;1:15

761 Jeffrey Cervone, Armed Forces WBTF Kristian Stewart, Backyard 12-0;1:33

762 Brandon Paulson, Minn Storm WBF Joe Dansby, Dave Schultz 4:00

763 Anthony Wilkes, Armed Forces WBTF David Crabtree, Flaming Romeros 14-0;1:36

764 Shawn Shelden, Nyac WBTF Corey Taylor, Armed Forces 10-0;2:00

765 Justin Weber, Armed Forces DEC Shawn Conyers, Ohio Intl 5-2;6:00

58 KG

766 Cody Sanderson, Sunkist WBTF Jason Chao, Sw Oregon 12-0;0:58

767 Dennis Hall, Sunkist WBTF David Layman, Armed Forces 11-0;1:22

768 Darnell Lollis, Unattach WBF Joe Warren, Unattach 1:28

769 James Gruenwald, Sunkist WBTF Scott Naylor, Advantage 13-0;1:35

770 Mujaahid Maynard, Armed Forces WBTF Enrique Montiel, Sunkist 14-3;2:25

63 KG

771 Shon Lewis, Armed Forces DEC Ally Sleiman, Nyac 6-1;6:00

772 Jason Tolbert, Armed Forces DEC Steve Horton, Armed Forces 9-3;6:00

773 James Shillow, Armed Forces FORF Camilo Gonzalez, Usa Pounders

774 Glenn Garrison, Peninsula Wc DEC Matt Goldstein, Nyac 13-6;6:00

775 Brian Pickering, Armed Forces DEC Anthony Hamlet, Armed Forces 3-0;7:12

776 Glenn Nierdka, Armed Forces WBTF Mark Kessler, Nyss 10-0;2:47

777 Jacob Hey, Armed Forces DEC Philip Rembert, Sunkist 5-0;6:00

778 Kevin Bracken, Nyac WBTF Charley Carbaugh, Armed Forces 11-0;2:17

69 KG

779 David Zuniga, Minn Storm WBTF Ben Cameron, Armed Forces 10-0;3:11

780Keith Wilson, Armed Forces WTBF Robin Watkins, Armed Forces 10-0

781 Heath Sims, Dave Schultz WBTF Andrew Brydon, Unattach 11-0;2:02

782 Steve Woods, Armed Forces WBTF Corey Posey, Nyac 10-0;5:29

783 Willy Knight, Ohio Intl WBTF Brian Van Hoven, Armed Forces 10-0;3:52

784 Marcel Cooper, Armed Forces DEC Brandon Mcnab, Dave Schultz 4-0

785 Chris Saba, Nyac WBTF Josh Kuisle, Minnesota 14-0;1:18

786 Mike Ellsworth, Michigan Wc DEC Ron Muir, Armed Forces 2-1;9:00


787 Jason Davids, Minn Storm WBTF Theo White, Berserker 11-0;1:12

788 Mike Tess, Dave Schultz WBF Chris Clevenger, Peninsula Wc 2:41

789 John Paun, Usoec WBTF Jeremy Wynia, Club West 17-7;4:48

790 Ethan Harris, Dave Schultz DEC Dan Catarello, Illinois 9-6;6:00

791 James Carlson, Unattach WBTF Gilbert Rael, Unattach 12-0;1;50

792 Joey Clark, Armed Forces WBF Eric Griejo, Taos Wc 1:52

793 Johnny Torres, Ecsk WBTF Charley Johnson, Colorado 10-0;2:37

794 James Gross, California WBTF Jeremy Kelly, Atlas 11-0;5:05


76 KG

795 Chris Ferguson, Florida DEC Terry Harper, California 5-3;6:00

796 Matt Lindland, Sunkist WBTF Corey Davis, Armed Forces 10-0;3:41

797 Mike Uker, Minn Storm WBF Zac Dominguez, Oec 1:34

798 T.C. Dantzler, Nyac WBF Jeremy Conner, Usma 1:34

799 Carl Fronhofer, Pwc WBTF Kelly Block, Minnesota 13-3;4:25

800 Keith Sieraki, Armed Forces WBTF Michael Mcclendon, Armed Forces 10-0;1:05

801 Tom Ciezki, Wildcat WBF Matthew Petsinger, Minn Storm 0:53

802 Kevin Vogel, Michigan Wc WBTF Brian Burnett, California 11-0;0:54


803 Jeff Funicella, Sunkist WBTF Omar Emerson, Nevada 10-0

804 Stephen Shone, Unattach WBF Jim Savage, Iowa 1:08

805 Rob Mckenny, Armed Forces DEC Andre Rodgers, Sopac 3-0

806 Travis Rasmussen, Iowa FORF Todd Stull, Central Penn

807 August Wesley, Sunkist WBTF Joe Thompson, Armed Forces 12-1;1:57

808 John Lorenz, Usoec DEC Jason Nunn, Oec 1-0

809 Keith Barkers, Armed Forces WBTF Keith Norris, Fishcatcher 10-0;2:52


85 KG

810 Quincy Clark, Minn Storm DEC James Short, Armed Forces 6-0

811 James Meyer, Unattach DEC William Carr, Minn Storm 2-0

812 Chael Sonnen, Dave Schultz DEC Tipton Peterson, Armed Forces 12-3

813 Nicholas Eiberger, Arme

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