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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

UPDATE: Three U.S. wrestlers win gold at the 2000 Poland Open

Three U.S. wrestlers win gold medals at the 2000 Poland Open in Varvosie, Poland, February 24-26

Three U.S. wrestlers claimed gold medals for the U.S. at the 2000 Poland Open in Varvosie, Poland, February 24-26.

The gold medalists for the U.S. were: Les Gutches (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) at 187.25 pounds, Sean Bormet (Ann Arbor, Mich./Cliff Keen WC) at 167.5 pounds and Pat Santoro (Bethlehem, Pa./New York AC) at 152 pounds.

Gutches won five matches on his way to the gold medal. He won his pool first with a technical fall over Piotr Goral of Poland, 11-1, then a decision over Choi Dong-Ya of Korea, 8-0, then a pin over Tomasz Szczerek of Poland. In the semifinal match Gutches decisioned Alexsley Krupniakow of Russia, 10-1. He pinned Choi Dong-Ya of Korea in the finals.

Bormet won by a technical fall and pin over his first two opponents, then pinned Yacek Buzko of Poland in the semifinals. He decisioned Moon Eui-Yae of Korea, 6-0, to win the gold medal.

Santoro won his pool with a pin and a decision over his opponents. In the semifinals, Santoro decisioned Rusean Kokayev of Russia, 8-1, and won by a technical fall in the finals over Andrzey Kubiak of Poland, 10-0.

The U.S. claimed two silver medals at the tournament: Cary Kolat (Morgantown, W.Va./Dave Schultz WC) claimed the silver medal at 138.75 pounds and John Kading (Evanston, Ill./Wildcat WC) won the silver medal at 213.75 pounds.

Kolat won his pool with three technical falls over his opponents. He pinned Baek Jin-Kuk of Korea in the semifinals before losing by a pin to 1996 Olympic silver medalist Jang Jae-Sung of Korea in the finals.

Kading first decisioned Bartolomiey Bartnick of Poland, 8-3, then lost by technical fall to Siergiey Kabalewski of Russia, 10-0. He came back to pin Piotr Lesniak of Poland and win by technical fall over Andrey Kondratowicz of Poland, 10-0. Kading decisioned Mikolay Cukrow of Russia, 3-0 to make it to the gold-medal match but lost by a pin to Siergiey Kabalewski of Russia.

Those winning bronze medals for the U.S. were: Brian Dolph (Ridley Park, Pa./Dave Schultz WC) at 167.5 pounds, Johnny Curtis (Manassas, Va./Dave Schultz WC) at 213.75 pounds and Airron Richardson (Shaker Heights, Ohio/Team Excel) at 286 pounds.

Others placing for the U.S. include: Tim Dernlan (Columbus, Ohio/Ohio International) who finished fifth at 119 pounds, John Guira (New York, N.Y./Dave Schultz WC) placed seventh at 152 pounds and Tom Erikson (W. Lafayette, Ind./Sunkist Kids) finished eighth at 286 pounds. Erikson withdrew from the tournament due to an injury.

The United States placed third as a team, behind champion Russia and second-place Korea.


at Varvosie, Poland, February 24-26


119 - 1st - Lazar Daninajev (Russia); 2nd - Pawet Kapitonov (Russia); 3rd - Siemion Nogowicyn (Russia)

127.75 - 1st - Yong Man-Park (Korea); 2nd - Matwiev Matviev (Russia); 3rd - Tadeusz Kowalski (Poland)

138.75 - 1st - Jang Yae-Sung (Korea); 2nd - Cary Kolat (USA); 3rd - Stas Zacharov (Russia)

152 - 1st - Pat Santoro (USA); 2nd - Andrzey Kubiak (Poland); 3rd - Rusean Kokayev (Russia)

167.5 - 1st - Sean Bormet (USA); 2nd - Moon Eui-Yae (Korea); 3rd - Brian Dolph (USA)

187.25 - 1st - Les Gutches (USA); 2nd - Choi Dong-Ya (Korea); 3rd - Mateusz Guchman (Poland)

213.75 - 1st - Sergei Kabalewski (Russia); 2nd - John Kading (USA); 3rd - Johnny Curtis (USA)

286 - 1st - Andrey Shumilin (Poland); 2nd - Marek Garmulewicz (Poland); 3rd - Airron Richardson (USA)

Team Standings

1. Russia, 2. Korea, 3. United States; 26 nations or Polish clubs participated in the event.

U.S. Performances

119 - Tim Dernlan, Columbus, Ohio, 5th- pinned Yacek Gavor (Poland); won by tech. fall over Waleriy Kulbertinov (Russia), 10-0; lost dec. to Lazar Damininayev (Russia), 6-4; won by tech. fall over Gienadiy Tulbea (Poland), 13-0; lost dec. to Jung Soon-Won (Korea), 10-1

138.75 - Cary Kolat, Morgantown, W. Va., 2nd - won by tech. fall over Ryszard Uesniewski (Poland), 11-0; won by tech. fall over Szymon Piatkowski (Poland), 10-0; won by tech. fall over Vlado Chamula (Poland), 11-0; pinned Baek Yin-Kuk (Korea); lost by pin to Jang Yae-Sung (Korea)

152 - Pat Santoro, Bethlehem, Pa., 1st - pinned Cezary Yastreb (Poland); dec. Krystan Brzozowski (Poland), 6-1; dec. Rusean Kokayev (Russia), 8-1; won by tech. fall over Andrzey Kubiak (Poland), 10-0

152 - John Guira, New York, N.Y., 7th - lost dec. to Yurly Zwierzysnki (Poland), 5-0; pinned Piotr Piecyk (Poland); lost dec. to Rusean Kokayev (Russia), 8-0

167.5 - Sean Bormet, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1st - won by tech. fall over Marek Yozwik (Poland), 11-0; pinned Inat Dzagurov (Russia); pinned Yacek Buzko (Poland); dec. Moon Eui-Yae (Korea), 6-0

167.5 - Brian Dolph, Ridley Park, Pa., 3rd - dec. Krzysztof Dyka (Poland), 9-0; pinned Yuray Dancak (Poland); lost by pin to Moon Eui-Yae (Korea)

187.25 - Les Gutches, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1st - won by tech. fall over Piotr Goral (Poland), 11-1; dec. Choi Don-Ya (Korea), 8-0; pinned Tomasz Szczerek (Poland); dec. Alexei Krupniakov (Russia), 10-1; pinned Choi Dong-Ya (Korea)

213.75 - John Kading, Evanston, Ill., 2nd - dec. Bartolomiey Bartnick (Poland), 8-3; lost by tech. fall to Siergiey Kabalewski (Russia), 10-0; pinned Piotr Lesniak (Poland); won by tech. fall over Andrey Kondratowicz (Poland), 10-0; dec. Nikolay Cukrow (Russia), 3-0; lost by pin to Siergiey Kabalewski (Russia)

213.75 - Johnny Curtis, Manassas, Va., 3rd - dec. Piotr Lesniak (Poland), 5-3; won by tech. fall over Victor Skrobacz (Poland), 11-0; lost dec. to Sergei Kabalewski (Russia), 3-1

286 - Airron Richardson, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 3rd -won by tech. fall over Przemyslov Sarnowski (Poland), 10-0; lost dec. to Andriey Shumlin (Poland), 3-1

286 - Tom Erikson, W. Lafayette, Ind., 8th - withdrew from tournament due to injury

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