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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Illinois sweeps Cadet Duals, defeats Pennsylvania 43-31 in freestyle finals

DAYTONA BEACH, FLA – Two days after winning the Cadet Greco-Roman National Duals Championship, Team Illinois doubled-up, winning the Freestyle title by a score of 43-31 in a finals rematch against Pennsylvania Red.

Illinois and Pennsylvania Red wrestled for the Greco-Roman Championship on thursday resulting in a lopsided 60-18 Illinois win. However, the freestyle finals would prove to be closer with Illinois winning by 12.

Pennsylvania took an early lead behind a technical fall victory by Andrew Dunn at 285 lbs. and a close 3-2 decision for Gavin Teasdale at 88 lbs.

Nolan Baker and Jimmy Pawelski quickly put Illinois in the lead 9-8 after securing wins at 94 lbs. and 100 lbs. for Team Illinois. From then on it was a match of streaks.

Pennsylvania got on a roll starting at 106 lbs. with Spencer Lee picking up the 10-0 technical fall. Pennsylvania carried that momentum to win the next four bouts and take 27-12 lead over the defending champions. Picking up wins during this stretch for Pennsylvania were Eric Hong (113 lbs.), Cameron Coy (120 lbs.), Evan Fidelibus (126 lbs.) and Kaleb Young (132 lbs.).

With Illinois' hopes of picking up its second national championship in Dayton Beach dwindling Isaiah White provided the spark that would carry Illinois back to the top of the podium. White recorded a 45-second first period fall over Pennsylvania’s Jonathan Ross bringing the team score to within reach at 27-17.

Illinois would go on to win five of the next six matches to close out the dual 43-31 with the only Pennsylvania win coming from Drew Phipps at 182 lbs. The remaining victors for Team Illinois were Larry Early (145 lbs.), Joey Gunther (152 lbs.), Kamal Bey (160 lbs.), Riley Demoss (170 lbs.), Allen Stallings (195 lbs.) and Tyler Johnson (220 lbs.).

Illinois has now won three of the four USA Wrestling National Dual tournaments, taking gold in Schoolboy freestyle and now Cadet Greco-Roman and freestyle. Interestingly enough the finals for all four tournaments have pitted Illinois versus Pennsylvania.

Oklahoma took out Indiana 41-37 for third place in the closest of the placement duals for the top eight teams. Ohio Red defeated Maryland 48-32 for fifth place and California placed seventh after beating Georgia Red 46-32.

For complete results from the 2013 Cadet Freestyle National Duals please visit

At Daytona Beach, Fla. June 12-15

Freestyle Results

Gold/Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)
First place match
Illinois over Pennsylvania Red 43-31
Third place match
Oklahoma Red over Indiana 41-37
Fifth place match
Ohio Red over Maryland 48-32
Seventh place match
California over Georgia Red 46-32

FIRST PLACE – Team Illinois 43 Pennsylvania 31
88: Gavin Teasdale (Pennsylvania Red) over Louie Hayes (Illinois) Dec 3-2
94: Nolan Baker (Illinois) over Cole Manley (Pennsylvania Red) Dec 2-1
100: Jimmy Pawelski (Illinois) over Jose Morales (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
106: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania Red) over Austin O`Connor (Illinois) TF 10-0
113: Eric Hong (Pennsylvania Red) over AJ Jaffe (Illinois) Dec 6-4
120: Cameron Coy (Pennsylvania Red) over Andrew Merholz (Illinois) TF 13-3
126: Evan Fidelibus (Pennsylvania Red) over Shayne Oster (Illinois) TF 10-0
132: Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania Red) over Jonathan Doyle (Illinois) TF 16-6
138: Isaiah White (Illinois) over Jonathan Ross (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 0:45
145: Larry Early (Illinois) over DJ Hollingshead (Pennsylvania Red) TF 11-0
152: Joey Gunther (Illinois) over Zach Graver (Pennsylvania Red) Dec 17-8
160: Kamal Bey (Illinois) over Deyshawn Carr (Pennsylvania Red) TF 11-0
170: Riley Demoss (Illinois) over Josh Colello (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 0:57
182: Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania Red) over Andrew Marsden (Illinois) Dec 8-3
195: Allen Stallings (Illinois) over Mike Rogers (Pennsylvania Red) Pin 1:11
220: Tyler Johnson (Illinois) over Bryce Town (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
285: Andrew Dunn (Pennsylvania Red) over Edwin Phillips (Illinois) TF 19-8

THIRD PLACE – Oklahoma Red 41 Indiana 37
88: Tanner Ward (Oklahoma Red) over Kory Cavanaugh (Indiana) TF 10-0
94: Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma Red) over Jarrod Cunningham (Indiana) TF 15-4
100: Tanner Skidgel (Oklahoma Red) over Drew Hildebrandt (Indiana) TF 10-0
106: Daton Fix (Oklahoma Red) over Will Egli (Indiana) TF 10-0
113: Brock Hudkins (Indiana) over Dalton Duffield (Oklahoma Red) Dec 15-10
120: Chad Red (Indiana) over Scout Skidgel (Oklahoma Red) Dec 4-2
126: Nick Lee (Indiana) over Beau Guffey (Oklahoma Red) TF 13-2
132: Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma Red) over Drew Hughes (Indiana) TF 13-2
138: Blake Jourdan (Indiana) over Dayton Garrett (Oklahoma Red) Pin 1:52
145: Darden Schurg (Indiana) over Matt Horrocks (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
152: Lane Lettich (Oklahoma Red) over Burk Van Horn (Indiana) Dec 11-7
160: Cameron Loving (Oklahoma Red) over Dezmen Goddard (Indiana) Inj 0:31
170: Isaiah Page (Oklahoma Red) over Nick Brickens (Indiana) TF 16-6
182: Cody Adams (Oklahoma Red) over Scottie Evans (Indiana) Pin 1:27
195: Randy Scott (Indiana) over Jakobe Walker (Oklahoma Red) Pin 1:24
220: Kobe Woods (Indiana) over Kyler Childers (Oklahoma Red) TF 11-1
285: Shawn Streck (Indiana) over Korey Walker (Oklahoma Red) Pin 2:05

FIFTH PLACE – Ohio Red 48 Maryland 32
88: Joe Thomas (Maryland) over Vince Mancini (Ohio Red) TF 13-2
94: Drew Mattin (Ohio Red) over Cody Trybus (Maryland) TF 11-0
100: Daniel Planta (Maryland) over AJ Warner (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
106: Michael Doetsch (Maryland) over Josh Venia (Ohio Red) TF 11-1
113: Michael Sergant (Ohio Red) over Alexander Kline (Maryland) TF 11-0
120: Quinn Devaney (Maryland) over Alex Smith (Ohio Red) Pin 1:15
126: Garret Hancock (Ohio Red) over Marty Margolis (Maryland) TF 13-2
132: Mathew Steer (Ohio Red) over Alexander Brown (Maryland) TF 14-3
138: Justin Demicco (Ohio Red) over Cameron Harrell (Maryland) Pin 1:40
145: Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over Spencer Naggy (Ohio Red) TF 12-2
152: Christian Almony (Maryland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
160: David Labra (Ohio Red) over Ian Park (Maryland) Pin 0:50
170: Tre Campbell (Ohio Red) over Jaron Smith (Maryland) TF 11-0
182: Jack Harris (Ohio Red) over Hunter Ritter (Maryland) Pin 1:45
195: Bailey Faust (Ohio Red) over Mansur Abdul-Malik (Maryland) Pin 1:23
220: Michael Smith (Maryland) over Deakon McKoy (Ohio Red) TF 14-4
285: Kevin Vough (Ohio Red) over Garrett Wallace (Maryland) TF 11-0

SEVENTH PLACE – California 46 Georgia Red 32
88: Cade Olivas (California) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
94: Marcelino Madriz (California) over Todd Small (Georgia Red) Pin 1:58
100: Randon Miranda (California) over Brentyn Russell (Georgia Red) Pin 0:28
106: Kai Middlebrook (California) over Paul Trey Paschal (Georgia Red) TF 11-0
113: Jordan Pitt (Georgia Red) over Tyler Felix (California) TF 13-3
120: Adam Flatt (Georgia Red) over Clay Shropshire (California) Pin 2:26
126: Devan Turner (California) over Lucas Patterson (Georgia Red) TF 11-0
132: Armand Molina (California) over Greg Hilliard (Georgia Red) Pin 2:16
138: Jake Adcock (Georgia Red) over Aaron Mora (California) TF 10-0
145: Isaac Bertalotto (California) over Rudolfo Guillen (Georgia Red) TF 19-9
152: Taylor Lujan (Georgia Red) over Abel Garcia (California) TF 13-3
160: Galhiel Dillard (California) over Demarco Gatti (Georgia Red) Pin 0:28
170: Seth Avis (California) over Elijah Kerr-Brown (Georgia Red) Dec 5-1
182: Roberto Rivera (Georgia Red) over Kobe Rosas (California) TF 10-0
195: Roderick Davis (Georgia Red) over Anthony Stenschke (California) TF 11-0
220: Dyllan Guillermo (California) over McKinzie Martin (Georgia Red) TF 10-0
285: George Humphreys (Georgia Red) over Daniel Schoene (California) Pin 1:19

Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place Match
Michigan Blue over Utah 46-30
3rd Place Match
Florida Red over New Jersey 41-32
5th Place Match
Tennessee over Texas 38-37
7th Place Match
Virginia over Pennsylvania Blue 47-26

Red/Blue Pool Results (Places 17-24)
1st Place Match
Washington over Missouri 39-38
3rd Place Match
Ohio Blue over Kansas 44-35
5th Place Match
Oklahoma Blue over New Mexico 41-33
7th Place Match
Michigan Red over South Carolina 42-30
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