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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Wrestling Internatonal Newsmagazine Team and Individual Rankings, and TPI

Date Ranked:01/14/2008
Ranked By

1. Iowa (2nd)
2. Nebraska (6th)
3. Michigan (9th)
4. Minnesota (1st)
5. Oklahoma State (5th)
6. Ohio State (10th)
7. Penn State (4th)
8. Iowa State (3rd)
9. Northwestern (11th)
10. Central Michigan (7th)
11. Hofstra (16th)
12. Missouri (8th)
13. Illinois (13th)
14. Cornell (12th)
15. Indiana (14th)
16. Wisconsin (15th)
17. Edinboro (17th)
18. Oklahoma (24th)
19. Old Dominion (19th)
20. Pittsburgh (22nd)
21. Boise State (21st)
22. UT-Chattanooga (18th)
23. Maryland (20th)
24. Kent State (23rd)
25. Penn (NR)

Below is WIN magazine’s ranking of the NCAA Div. I wrestling programs, based on how their individually-ranked wrestlers — according to the current W.I.N. rankings — would finish in the NCAA Div. I tournament. Only teams with ranked wrestlers are including in this power ranking.

Point totals are based on what wrestlers would receive at the NCAA tournament, including All-American points for finishing in the Top 8 and advancement points, in March.

Points totals associated with individual rankings are as followed: 1st - 20 (16 AA points + 4 advancement points); 2nd - 16 (12+4); 3rd - 13.5 (10+3.5); 4th - 12. 5 (9+3.5); 5th - 10 (7+3); 6th - 9 (6+3); 7th - 6.5 (4+2.5); 8th - 5.5 (3+2.5); 9th/12th - 2; 13th/16th - 1.5; 17th-20th - 1

W.I.N. Magazine’s Jan. 10, 2008 Div. I Tournament Team Power Index

Rank Team Top 8 Wrestlers Total Points

1 Minnesota 6 87.5
2 Iowa 5 84
3 Oklahoma State 4 73
4 Michigan 5 65.5
5 Iowa State 4 54.5
6 Northwestern 4 51.5
7 Ohio State 3 47.5
8 Hofstra 3 46
9 Central Michigan 4 45.5
10 Missouri 3 45
11 Nebraska 4 42.5
12 Wisconsin 4 37
13 Penn State 3 36.6
14 Cornell 3 33
15 Pittsburgh 2 32.5
16 Illinois 1 30
17 Harvard 3 26.6
18 Indiana 1 24
18 Navy 2 24
20 American 1 22
21 Oklahoma 2 21.5
22 Edinboro 1 20
23 West Virginia 1 14
24 Maryland 1 10
25 Cal State Fullerton 1 13

Jan. 14 Individual Rankings

125 pounds

1. Angel Escobedo, So. Indiana (2nd)
2. Jayson Ness, So. Minn. (3rd)
3. Charlie Falck, Jr. Iowa (7th)
4. Paul Donahoe, Jr. Nebraska (1st)
5. Brandon Precin, So. Northwestern (4th)
6. Tanner Gardner, Sr. Stanford (5th)
7. Rollie Peterkin, So. Penn (8th)
8. Mike Sees, Sr. Bloomsburg (10th)
9. Tony Pescaglia, Fr. Missouri (9th)
10. Dave Tomasette, Sr. Hofstra (12th)
11. Mark McKnight, Sr. Penn State (6th)
12. Javier Maldonado, Sr. UT-Chattanooga (11th)
13. Gabe Flores, Sr. Illinois (13th)
14. Boris Novochkov, Fr. Cal Poly (14th)
15. James Nicholson, Fr. Old Dominion (15th)
16. Luke Smith, Sr. C. Mich. (16th)
17. Eric Morrill, So. Edinboro (17th)
18. Nic Bedelyon, Fr. Kent State (20th)
19. Anthony Robles, Fr. Arizona State (19th)
20. Steve Mytych, Sr. Drexel (NR)

133 pounds

1. Coleman Scott, Sr. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Mack Reiter, Sr. Minn. (2nd)
3. Lou Ruggirello, So. Hofstra (4th)
4. Joey Slaton, So. Iowa (3rd)
5. Mike Grey, Fr. Cornell (8th)
6. Franklin Gomez, So. Michigan St. (6th)
7. Nick Fanthorpe, So. Iowa State (5th)
8. Kenny Jordan, So. Nebraska (9th)
9. Jimmy Kennedy, So. Illinois (10th)
10. Reece Humphrey, So. Ohio State (14th)
11. Pat Castillo, Sr. N Illinois (11th)
12. Zach Tanelli, Sr. Wisconsin (12th)
13. Andre Hernandez, Jr. Indiana (16th)
14. Joe Baker, Sr. Navy (19th)
15. Tyler McCormick, Sr. Missouri (7th)
16. Brian Shelton, So. Oklahoma (18th)
17. Dave Marble, So. Bucknell (15th)
18. Robbie Preston, Sr. Harvard (NR)
19. Kyle Hutter, So. Old Dominion (NR)
20. Dan Mitcheff, Jr. Kent State (13th)

141 pounds

1. Nathan Morgan, Sr. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Charles Griffin, Sr. Hofstra (5th)
3. Manuel Rivera, Sr. Minn. (2nd)
4. Kellen Russell, Fr. Michigan (3rd)
5. Brandon Rader, Jr. West Virginia (4th)
6. Chad Mendes, Sr. Cal Poly (7th)
7. Kyle Ruschell, So. Wisconsin (8th)
8. Joe Caramanica, So. NC State (10th)
9. Dan LeClere, So. Iowa (11th)
10. J Jaggers, Jr. Ohio St. (9th)
11. Jake Strayer, Jr. Penn State (6th)
12. Eric Kruger, Jr. Central Michigan (17th)
13. Mike Rowe, Jr. Nebraska (NR)
14. Zack Bailey, Fr. Oklahoma (12th)
15. Carter Downing, Sr. Wyoming (13th)
16. Matt Kyler, So. Army (15th)
17. Nick Gallick, So. Iowa State (16th)
18. Drew Headlee, Jr. Pittsburgh (NR)
19. Cody Cleveland, Fr. UT-Chattanooga (18th)
20. Ryan Prater, Fr. Illinois (NR)

149 pounds

1. Brent Metcalf, So. Iowa (1st)
2. Dustin Schlatter, Jr. Minn. (2nd)
3. J.P. O’Connor, So. Harvard (3rd)
4. Lance Palmer, So. Ohio St. (4th)
5. Ryan Lang, Sr. Northwestern (5th)
6. Jordan Burroughs, So Nebraska (6th)
7. Josh Churella, Sr. Michigan (7th)
8. Bubba Jenkins, So. Penn State (9th)
9. Mike Roberts, Sr. Boston (8th)
10. Darrion Caldwell, So. NC State (10th)
11. Will Rowe, Jr. Oklahoma (11th)
12. Morgan Atkinson, Sr. Cal Fullerton (13th)
13. Mitch Mueller, So. Iowa State (14th)
14. Jake Patacsil, Jr. Purdue (15th)
15. Josh Wagner, Jr. Missouri (12th)
16. Adam Hall, Fr. Boise State (16th)
17. Kaylen Baxter, So. Old Dominion (17th)
18. Kyle Fried, Sr. Binghamton (18th)
19. Brandon Carter, Sr. Central Michigan (19th)
20. Cesar Grajales, So. Penn (20th)

157 pounds

1. Mike Poeta, Jr. Illinois (1st)
2. Craig Henning, Sr. Wisconsin (2nd)
3. C.P. Schlatter, Sr. Minnesota (3rd)
4. Gregor Gillespie, Jr. Edinboro (4th)
5. Matt Kocher, Sr. Pittsburgh (5th)
6. Jordan Leen, Sr. Cornell (6th)
7. Dan Vallimont, So. Penn State (10th)
8. Ryan Hluschak, Sr. Drexel (8th)
9. Cyler Sanderson, So. Iowa State (7th)
10. Tyler Sherfey, Jr. Boise State (11th)
11. Brandon Becker, Sr. Indiana (9th)
12. Ryan Morningstar, So. Iowa (17th)
13. Chase Pami, So. Cal Poly (12th)
14. Michael Chandler, Jr. Missouri (13th)
15. Chris Oliver, Jr. Nebraska (14th)
16. Josh Zupancic, Sr. Stanford (15th)
17. Newly McSpadden, Jr. Oklahoma State (16th)
18. Zac Fryling, Sr. West Virginia (18th)
19. Matt Moley, So. Bloomsburg (19th)
20. Chad Terry, So. Oklahoma (20th)

165 pounds

1. Mark Perry, Sr. Iowa (4th)
2. Eric Tannenbaum, Sr. Michigan (1st)
3. Jake Diffenbach, Sr. Oklahoma State (5th)
4. Nick Marable, So. Missouri (2nd)
5. Mack Lewnes, Fr. Cornell (3rd)
6. Jonathan Reader, Fr. Iowa State (7th)
7. Moza Fay, Jr. Northern Iowa (6th)
8. Andrew Flanagan, Jr. Harvard (9th)
9. Stephen Dwyer, So. Nebraska (10th)
10. Pat Pitsch, Sr. Arizona State (8th)
11. Trevor Stewart, Jr. Central Michigan (11th)
12. Mike Cannon, So. American (12th)
13. Jarrod King, Jr. Edinboro (16th)
14. Matt Coughlin, So Indiana (14th)
15. Colt Sponseller, Fr. Ohio State (NR)
16. Tyler Safratowich, Jr. Minnesota (17th)
17. Kurt Gross, Sr. Kent State (NR)
18. Chris Brown, So. Old Dominion (18th)
19. R. Smith-Bergsrud, Jr. Illinois (15th)
20. Michael Chaires, Fr. Virginia (13th)

174 pounds

1. Keith Gavin, Sr. Pittsburgh (1st)
2. Brandon Mason, Jr. Oklahoma State (6th)
3. Steve Luke, Jr. Michigan (2nd)
4. Alton Lucas, Jr. Hofstra (3rd)
5. Jay Borschel, So. Iowa (11th)
6. Matt Stolpinski, Sr. Navy (7th)
7. Mike Letts, So. Maryland (4th)
8. Brandon Sinnott, Sr. Central Michigan (5th)
9. Steve Anceravage, Jr. Cornell (10th)
10. Brandon Browne, So. Nebraska (8th)
11. Gabe Dretsch, Sr. Minnesota (12th)
12. David Erwin, So. Penn State (9th)
13. Phil Moricone, Jr. Edinboro (13th)
14. Lloyd Rogers, So. UT-Chattanooga (14th)
15. John Dergo, So. Illinois (15th)
16. Nick Hayes, Sr. Northwestern (16th)
17. Duke Burk, So. Northern Illinois (17th)
18. Josh Patterson, So. Binghampton (18th)
19. John Murphy, So. Michigan State (20th)
20. Jeff James, Fr. Oklahoma (NR)

184 pounds

1. Jake Varner, So. Iowa State (1st)
2. Tyrel Todd, Jr. Michigan (3rd)
3. Mike Pucillo, So. Ohio State (4th)
4. Raymond Jordan, Jr. Missouri (5th)
5. Christian Sinnott, Sr. Central Mich. (6th)
6. Roger Kish, Sr. Minnesota (2nd)
7. Louis Caputo, Jr. Harvard (7th)
8. Josh Weitzel, Sr. Oklahoma (8th)
9. Rocco Caponi, Jr. Virginia (9th)
10. Phillip Keddy, So. Iowa (11th)
11. Vince Jones, So. Nebraska (10th)
12. Ian Murphy, Sr. Cal State Fullerton (12th)
13. Trevor Brandvold, So. Wisconsin (13th)
14. Josh Haines, Jr. Maryland (14th)
15. Chris Honeycutt, Fr. Edinboro (17th)
16. Phil Bomberger, Fr. Penn State (16th)
17. Doug Umbehauer, Sr. Rider (15th)
18. Ben Chriswell, Fr. Arizona State (18th)
19. Josh Edmondson, Sr. UT-Chattanooga (20th)
20. Mark Bennett, Sr. Indiana (NR)

197 pounds

1. Josh Glenn, Sr. American (1st)
2. Phil Davis, Sr. Penn State (2nd)
3. Wynn Michalak, Sr. Central Michigan (4th)
4. Max Askren, So. Missouri (6th)
5. Mike Tamillow, Sr. Northwestern (3rd)
6. Joel Flaggert, Sr. Oklahoma (5th)
7. Craig Brester, So. Nebraska (7th)
8. Dallas Herbst, Jr. Wisconsin (8th)
9. Hudson Taylor, So. Maryland (9th)
10. Joe Rovelli, Sr. Hofstra (10th)
11. T. J. Morrison, Sr. Rider (11th)
12. Dave Bertollino, Sr. Iowa State (12th)
13. Patrick Bond, So. Illinois (13th)
14. Daren Burns, Sr. UNC Greensboro (14th)
15. Jared Villers, Sr. West Virginia (15th)
16. Matt Koz, Sr. UT-Chattanooga (16th)
17. Anthony Biondo, Fr. Michigan (19th)
18. Joe Williams, Sr. Michigan St. (18th)
19. Andrew Anderson, Jr. Northern Iowa (17th)
20. Brent Jones. So. Virginia (NR)


1. Dustin Fox, Sr. Northwestern (1st)
2. J.D. Bergman, Sr. Ohio St. (2nd)
3. Ed Prendergast, Sr. Navy (3rd)
4. Dave Zabriskie, So. Iowa State (5th)
5. Bubba Gritter, Sr. Central Michigan (4th)
6. Wade Sauer, Jr. Cal Fullerton (6th)
7. Kyle Massey, Jr. Wisconsin (7th)
8. Mike Spaid, Sr. Bloomsburg (8th)
9. Matt Fields, Sr. Iowa (9th)
10. Jared Rosholt, So. Oklahoma State (10th)
11. Zach Hammond, Jr. Cornell (12th)
12. Joe Fendone, So. Edinboro (13th)
13. Dustin Rogers, Sr. West Virginia (11th)
14. Zach Shaeffer, Jr. Pittsburgh (14th)
15. John Wise, Jr. Illinois (15th)
16. Reece Hopkin, Sr. Northern Colorado (16th)
17. Mark Ellis, So. Missouri (17th)
18. John Laboranti, Jr. Penn State (18th)
19. Jermail Porter, Jr. Kent St. (20th)
20. Rashard Goff, Jr. Cleveland St. (19th)

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