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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

InterMat Division I Team & Individual Rankings

Date Ranked:11/23/2010
Ranked By InterMat

InterMat Team (Tournament-Strength) Rankings (November 23, 2010):

1. Cornell 95
T2. Boise State 68.5
T2. Oklahoma State 68.5
4. Wisconsin 57.5
5. Penn State 52.5
6. Central Michigan 48
7. Minnesota 45.5
8. Iowa 43.5
9. Oklahoma 39.5
10. American 39
11. Arizona State 34
12. Kent State 33.5
13. Missouri 32.5
14. Northwestern 32
15. Lehigh 31.5
T16. Pittsburgh 29.5
T16. Wyoming 29.5
18. Illinois 29
19. Ohio State 27.5
20. Virginia Tech 25.5
21. Virginia 24.5
22. Nebraska 23
23. Iowa State 22.5
24. Indiana 22
25. North Carolina State 21

InterMat Individual Rankings (November 23, 2010):

1. Matt McDonough, Iowa, Sophomore
2. Brandon Precin, Northwestern, Senior
3. Anthony Robles, Arizona State, Senior
4. Zach Sanders, Minnesota, Junior
5. Logan Stieber, Ohio State, Freshman
6. Nic Bedelyon, Kent State, Junior
7. James Nicholson, Old Dominion, Senior
8. Jarrod Patterson, Oklahoma, Sophomore
9. Jon Morrison, Oklahoma State, Freshman
10. Ryan Mango, Stanford, Sophomore
11. Ben Kjar, Utah Valley, Senior
12. Alan Waters, Missouri, Freshman
13. Garrett Frey, Princeton, Sophomore
14. Jarrod Garnett, Virginia Tech, Junior
15. Frank Lomas, Cal State Bakersfield, Junior
16. Steve Bonanno, Hofstra, Sophomore
17. Jason Lara, Oregon State, Junior
18. Frank Martellotti, Penn State, Freshman
19. Frank Perrelli, Cornell, Junior
20. Anthony Zanetta, Pittsburgh, Sophomore

1. Jordan Oliver, Oklahoma State, Sophomore
2. Andrew Hochstrasser, Boise State, Senior
3. Tyler Graff, Wisconsin, Sophomore
4. Mike Grey, Cornell, Senior
5. Filip Novachkov, Cal Poly, Senior
6. Scotti Sentes, Central Michigan, Junior
7. Devin Carter, Virginia Tech, Freshman
8. Lou Ruggirello, Hofstra, Senior
9. Tyler Clark, Iowa, Junior/Nate Moore, Iowa, Sophomore
10. Rollie Peterkin, Penn, Senior
11. Kelly Kubec, Oregon State, Junior
12. Ian Paddock, Ohio State, Sophomore
13. Kyle Hutter, Old Dominion, Senior
14. Flint Ray, Utah Valley, Junior
15. Ben Ashmore, Arizona State, Senior
16. Michael Martinez, Wyoming, Junior
17. John Trumbetti, Lock Haven, Senior
18. David Thorn, Minnesota, Freshman
19. B.J. Futrell, Illinois, Sophomore
20. Levi Mele, Northwestern, Sophomore

1. Zack Bailey, Oklahoma, Senior
2. Jimmy Kennedy, Illinois, Senior
3. Tyler Nauman, Pittsburgh, Junior
4. Kellen Russell, Michigan, Junior
5. Mike Thorn, Minnesota, Senior
6. Cody Cleveland, Chattanooga, Senior
7. Chris Diaz, Virginia Tech, Senior
8. Germane Lindsey, Ohio, Senior
9. Boris Novachkov, Cal Poly, Junior
10. Mike Mangrum, Oregon State, Sophomore
11. Chris Drouin, Iowa State, Senior
12. Andrew Alton, Penn State, Freshman
13. Levi Jones, Boise State, Senior
14. Nick Nelson, Virginia, Junior
15. Todd Schavrien, Missouri, Senior
16. Zack Kemerer, Penn, Junior
17. Elijah Nacita, Cal State Bakersfield, Senior
18. Cole Von Ohlen, Air Force, Sophomore
19. Matt Bonson, Lock Haven, Junior
20. Luke Silver, Oklahoma State, Junior

1. Darrion Caldwell, North Carolina State, Senior
2. Kyle Dake, Cornell, Sophomore
3. Frank Molinaro, Penn State, Junior
4. Jason Chamberlain, Boise State, Junior
5. Kevin LeValley, Bucknell, Senior
6. Kurt Kinser, Indiana, Senior
7. Jamal Parks, Oklahoma State, Junior
8. Andrew Nadhir, Northwestern, Senior
9. Corey Jantzen, Harvard, Junior
10. Desi Green, Buffalo, Junior
11. Mario Mason, Rutgers, Sophomore
12. Torsten Gillespie, Edinboro, Senior
13. Brandon Rader, West Virginia, Senior
14. Ganbayar Sanjaa, American, Junior
15. Brian Stephens, Virgnia Tech, Sophomore
16. Ivan Lopouchanski, UNC Greensboro, Sophomore
17. Nate Carr Jr., Iowa State, Senior
18. Justin Gaethje, Northern Colorado, Senior
19. Cole Schmitt, Wisconsin, Sophomore
20. Justin Accordino, Hofstra, Junior

1. Steve Fittery, American, Senior
2. Bubba Jenkins, Arizona State, Senior
3. Adam Hall, Boise State, Senior
4. Colt Sponseller, Ohio State, Senior
5. David Taylor, Penn State, Freshman
6. Paul Young, Indiana, Senior
7. Jason Welch, Northwestern, Sophomore
8. Justin Lister, Binghamton, Junior
9. Bryce Saddoris, Navy, Senior
10. Derek St. John, Iowa, Freshman
11. Albert White, Oklahoma State, Junior
12. Peter Yates, Virginia Tech, Sophomore
13. Colton Salazar, Purdue, Senior
14. David Cheza, Michigan State, Junior
15. Barrett Abel, Cal Poly, Senior
16. Matt Lester, Oklahoma, Freshman
17. James Fleming, Clarion, Sophomore
18. Kyle John, Maryland, Junior
19. Bryan Deutsch, Northern Illinois, Senior
20. D.J. Meagher, Cornell, Senior

1. Andrew Howe, Wisconsin, Junior
2. Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska, Senior
3. Mike Miller, Central Michigan, Senior
4. Josh Asper, Maryland, Sophomore
5. Justin Kerber, Cornell, Senior
6. Shane Onufer, Wyoming, Junior
7. P.J. Gillespie, Hofstra, Junior
8. Scott Winston, Rutgers, Sophomore
9. Dallas Bailey, Oklahoma State, Freshman
10. Cody Yohn, Minnesota, Sophomore
11. Jedd Moore, Virginia, Sophomore
12. Jake Kemerer, Penn State, Freshman
13. Brandon Hatchett, Lehigh, Junior
14. Zach Toal, Missouri, Freshman
15. Donnie Jones, West Virginia, Senior
16. Jake Kerr, Iowa, Senior
17. Andrew Sorenson, Iowa State, Senior
18. Jim Resnick, Rider, Sophomore
19. Ryan DesRoches, Cal Poly, Junior
20. Chase Nelson, Oklahoma, Sophomore

1. Mack Lewnes, Cornell, Senior
2. Chris Henrich, Virginia, Senior
3. Jon Reader, Iowa State, Senior
4. Nick Amuchastegui, Stanford, Junior
5. Jordan Blanton, Illinois, Junior
6. Ben Bennett, Central Michigan, Sophomore
7. Scott Giffin, Penn, Senior
8. Jarion Beets, Northern Iowa, Senior
9. Tyler Caldwell, Oklahoma, Sophomore
10. Scott Glasser, Minnesota, Senior
11. Colby Covington, Oregon State, Senior
12. Mike Letts, Maryland, Senior
13. Luke Manuel, Purdue, Senior
14. Ed Ruth, Penn State, Freshman
15. Ryan Patrovich, Hofstra, Junior
16. Austin Meys, Lehigh, Freshman
17. Ethan Headlee, Pittsburgh, Junior
18. Ben Jordan, Wisconsin, Sophomore
19. Ethen Lofthouse, Iowa, Freshman
20. Rob Morrison, Rider, Senior

1. Kirk Smith, Boise State, Senior
2. Joe LeBlanc, Wyoming, Junior
3. Chris Honeycutt, Edinboro, Junior
4. Steve Bosak, Cornell, Sophomore
5. A.J. Kissel, Purdue, Junior
6. Quentin Wright, Penn State, Sophomore
7. Grant Gambrall, Iowa, Sophomore
8. Chris Perry, Oklahoma State, Freshman
9. Robert Hamlin, Lehigh, Sophomore
10. Josh Ihnen, Nebraska, Sophomore
11. Travis Rutt, Wisconsin, Junior
12. Luke Rebertus, Navy, Junior
13. Erich Schmidtke, Oklahoma, Sophomore
14. Nate Schiedel, Binghamton, Sophomore
15. Andrew Saunders, UNC Greensboro, Senior
16. Tommy Spellman, Virginia Tech, Senior
17. Jason McCroskey, Chattanooga, Sophomore
18. Jimmy Hamel, Buffalo, Senior
19. Jon Fausey, Virginia, Freshman
20. Nate Graham, Bloomsburg, Senior

1. Dustin Kilgore, Kent State, Junior
2. Cam Simaz, Cornell, Junior
3. Trevor Brandvold, Wisconsin, Senior
4. Clayton Foster, Oklahoma State, Senior
5. Sonny Yohn, Minnesota, Junior
6. Cayle Byers, George Mason, Junior
7. Brent Haynes, Missouri, Sophomore
8. Zac Thomusseit, Pittsburgh, Junior
9. Logan Brown, Purdue, Senior
10. Zack Giesen, Stanford, Senior
11. Jerome Ward, Iowa State, Junior
12. Luke Lofthouse, Iowa, Senior
13. Micah Burak, Penn, Sophomore
14. Joe Kennedy, Lehigh, Sophomore
15. Anthony Biondo, Michigan, Senior
16. Erik Schuth, Ohio, Senior
17. Mike Salopek, Virginia, Sophomore
18. Matt Powless, Indiana, Junior
19. Riley Orozco, Cal State Bakersfield, Senior
20. Daniel Mitchell, American, Sophomore

1. Zach Rey, Lehigh, Junior
2. Dom Bradley, Missouri, Junior
3. Ryan Flores, American, Junior
4. Jarod Trice, Central Michigan, Junior
5. D.J. Russo, Rutgers, Senior
6. Alan Gelogaev, Oklahoma State, Junior
7. Cameron Wade, Penn State, Junior
8. Ryan Tomei, Pittsburgh, Senior
9. Tucker Lane, Nebraska, Junior
10. Tony Nelson, Minnesota, Freshman
11. Clayton Jack, Oregon State, Junior
12. Nathan Fernandez, Oklahoma, Senior
13. Brendan Barlow, Kent State, Sophomore
14. Eric Bugenhagen, Wisconsin, Senior
15. Christian Brantley, Northern Iowa, Junior
16. Blake Rasing, Iowa, Junior
17. Atticus Disney, Cal Poly, Sophomore
18. Ricky Alcala, Indiana, Senior
19. David Morgan, Cal State Bakersfield, Senior
20. Kurt Klimek, Cal State Fullerton, Senior

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