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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

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Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

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NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Basford Division II Regional Rankings

Date Ranked:01/23/2012
Ranked By Basford Rankings

Basford Division II Regional Rankings January 23, 2012

Contact: Chris Basford E-Mail:

Teams: East Region 1

1. Newberry
2. Pitt Johnstown
3. Mercyhurst
4. West Liberty
5. UNC-Pembroke
6. Gannon
7. Seton Hill
8. East Stroudsburg
9. American International
10. Kutztown
11. Shippensburg
12. Ohio Valley
13. Anderson


1. Kenny Trumbetta, Sr. Seton Hill
2. David Fogle, So. Pitt Johnstown
3. Connor McDonald, Sr. Newberry
4. Ryan Bohince, So. Mercyhurst
5. Desmond Moore, Sr. Kutztown
6. Este Lara, Sr. American International
7. Matt Turek, Fr. Gannon
8. Drew Smith, Fr. Ohio Valley

1. Ryan Link, Jr. Pitt Johnstown
2. Matt Oliver, Sr. Newberry
3. Evan Yenolevich, So. Kutztown
4. Kody Young, Fr. Mercyhurst
5. Adam Weinell, Fr. Gannon
6. Cody Myers, Jr. Shippensburg
7. Steven Smith, So. Seton Hill
8. Adonis Wright, Fr. North Carolina-Pembroke

1. BJ Young, So. Newberry
2. Jack Bachman, So. Pitt Johnstown
3. Adam Hluschak, Sr. East Stroudsburg
4. Nick Wykoff, Jr. West Liberty
5. Aaron Smith, Sr. American International
6. Daniel Ownbey, Fr. North Carolina-Pembroke
7. Andrew Fisher, So. Seton Hill
8. Jeremy Landowski, Fr. Mercyhurst

1. Ethan Swope, Sr. Gannon
2. Deral Brown, Jr. Newberry
3. Nathan Link, Sr. Pitt Johnstown
4. Art Hobley, Fr. West Liberty
5. Chris Hoffman, Jr. American International
6. Kristoff Thomas, Fr. North Carolina-Pembroke
7. Nick Nichols, Jr. Seton Hill
8. Daniel Telhada, So. Anderson

1. Jordan Shields, Jr. Mercyhurst
2. Zack Lundgren, Sr. Pitt Johnstown
3. Brendon Parker-Risk, Sr. North Carolina-Pembroke
4. Taylor Knapp, So. Newberry
5. Jarrod Shaw, Sr. West Liberty
6. Branden Turner, Jr. East Stroudsburg
7. Sam Brehm, Jr. Gannon
8. Bo Candelaria, So. Kutztown

1. Mike Williams, Jr. North Carolina-Pembroke
2. Josh Shields, Sr. Mercyhurst
3. Sean Byrnes, Sr. Newberry
4. Ronnie Tetrault, Sr. American International
5. Jordan Nolan, Fr. West Liberty
6. Thad Frick, Jr. East Stroudsburg
7. Adam Greenman, Fr. Gannon
8. Micah Bollinger, Jr. Kutztown

1. Travis Sheehy, Jr. Newberry
2. Luke Etter, So. Shippensburg
3. Matt Littleton, Jr. West Liberty
4. August Mizia, Fr. Mercyhurst
5. Travis McKillop, Fr. Pitt Johnstown
6. Zach Marlett, Jr. Kutztown
7. Brett Terry, Sr. Gannon
8. Tony Vorndran, Fr. East Stroudsburg

1. Gary Lantz, So. Pitt Johnstown
2. Mitch Brown, Sr. Newberry
3. Zack Zelcs, Fr. Gannon
4. Zach Benzio, So. Seton Hill
5. Derrick Williams, Jr. West Liberty
6. Giovanni Ortiz, Jr. Kutztown
7. Shiheem Bryant, Sr. North Carolina-Pembroke
8. Yaakov Bloch, Jr. American International

1. Ed Ebewo, Sr. East Stroudsburg
2. Shane Nolan, Sr. North Carolina-Pembroke
3. Zach Anderson, Sr. Newberry
4. Michael Pollard, So. Mercyhurst
5. Jon Moore, Sr. Pitt Johnstown
6. Jake Donley, Sr. West Liberty
7. Chris Boyd, Sr. Gannon
8. Chase Long, Fr. Ohio Valley

1. Jake Elkins, Sr. Newberry
2. Fred Hale, Sr. Mercyhurst
3. JD Ramsey, Sr. West Liberty
4. Dan Estricher, Jr. Shippensburg
5. Ron Oswald, Sr. Seton Hill
6. Chris Giddens,. Fr. North Carolina-Pembroke
7. Josh Krupa, Fr. Pitt Johnstown
8. Chaz Lear, Fr. Gannon

Teams: Midwest Region 2

1. Central Oklahoma
2. Ashland
3. Limestone
4. Findlay
5. King
6. Lake Erie
7. Ouachita Baptist
8. Central Missouri
9. Truman State
10. Tiffin
11. Belmont Abby


1. Brandon Davis, Sr. Ashland
2. Ben Sergant, So. Findlay
3. Garrett Evans, Fr. Ouachita Baptist
4. Austin Gillihan, Fr. Lake Erie
5. Ryan Brooks, Fr. Central Oklahoma
6. Christian Reed, Jr. Tiffin
7. Jerrelle McCabe, Fr. King
8. Eric Rholetter, Fr. Limestone

1. Trison Graham, Jr. Central Oklahoma
2. Mike Magaha, Jr. Limestone
3. Dan Mandara, Sr. Ashland
4. Eric Mateo, Fr. Central Missouri
5. Cullen King, Jr. King
6. Nick Weisjahn, Sr. Findlay
7. Ryan Banning, Jr. Truman State
8. Thomas McVicker, So. Lake Erie

1. Tywan Claxton, Fr. King
2. Casey Rowell, Jr. Central Oklahoma
3. Josh Myers, So. Ouachita Baptist
4. Nick Viterisi, Jr. Central Missouri
5. Kenneth Kampnich, So. Limestone
6. Alex Maus, So. Truman State
7. Ryan McKenzie, Jr. Tiffin
8. Clarence Longley, Fr. Ashland

1. Marc Hoff, Sr. Ashland
2. Ryan Maus, So. Truman State
3. Ky Corley, Jr. Central Oklahoma
4. Zak Vargo, So. Lake Erie
5. Jeremy Espinoza, Sr. Findlay
6. Dexter Carter, Fr. Ouachita Baptist
7. Shawn Landgraff, Fr. Limestone
8. Nick Stella, So. King

1. Cory Dauphin, So. Central Oklahoma
2. Jeremy Bommarito, Jr. Limestone
3. Dan Genetin, Jr. Ashland
4. Tyler Tesny, So. Lake Erie
5. Bobby Williams, So. Ouachita Baptist
6. Scott Neumann, Sr. Central Missouri
7. Devon Fenstermaker, So. Truman State
8. Jeremy Miller, Fr. King

1. Matt Vandermeer, Fr. Lake Erie
2. Mason True, Jr. Findlay
3. Tommie Graszl, Sr. Ashland
4. Patrick Spano, Jr. King
5. Dan McGillivray, Jr. Limestone
6. Chris Watson, So. Central Oklahoma
7. Luis Tonge, So. Tiffin
8. Joe Maumoynier, So. Belmont Abbey

1. Michael Lybarger, Sr. Findlay
2. Kelly Henderson, Jr. Central Oklahoma
3. Zev Green, So. Lake Erie
4. Bryson Hall, Fr. Ashland
5. Matt Bogardus, So. King
6. Bryce Sopko, Sr. Limestone
7. Jake Cramer, Fr. Tiffin
8. William Ressel, Jr. Central Missouri

1. Dallas Smith, Fr. Ouachita Baptist
2. Tanner Keck, Jr. Central Oklahoma
3. Landon Hall, Sr. Limestone
4. Adam Walters, So. Findlay
5. Kurtis Schaefer, Fr. Ashland
6. Brandon Tressler, Jr. King
7. Josh Linden, So. Lake Erie
8. Kevin Christman, Fr. Tiffin

1. Dan Scanlan, Sr. Limestone
2. Frank Morgan, Sr. King
3. Jarrett Edison, Sr. Central Oklahoma
4. Joe Brandt, Fr. Ashland
5. Ashton Brown, Jr. Findlay
6. Nick Rees, Sr. Belmont Abbey
7. Mike Samiljenko, Fr. Lake Erie
8. CJ Hays, So. Ouachita Baptist

1. Jacob Southwick, Sr. Ashland
2. Cody Beck, Jr. Central Missouri
3. Cody Dauphin So. Central Oklahoma
4. Matt Clum, Sr. Findlay
5. Dondricus Anderson, Sr. King
6. Bobby Zappitelli, Fr. Lake Erie
7. Charles Weber, Sr. Limestone
8. Taylor Poe, So. Ouachita Baptist

Teams: North Region 3

1. St. Cloud State
2. Augustana
3. Upper Iowa
4. Minnesota State-Mankato
5. Maryville
6. Indianapolis
7. Wisconsin Parkside
8. Mary
9. Southwest Minnesota State
10. Northern State
11. Minnesota State-Moorhead
12. Newman


1. Kyle Pedretti, Sr. Upper Iowa
2. Cory Ulmer, Sr. Minnesota State-Moorhead
3. Terrell McKinney, So. Maryville
4. Cody Lensing, Sr. Augustana
5. Josh Kieffer, Fr. Indianapolis
6. Eric Forde, Fr. St Cloud State
7. Anthony Bruno, Fr. Northern State
8. David Demo, So. Minnesota State-Mankato

1. Trevor Franklin, Jr. Upper Iowa
2. Jason Jeremiason, Sr. Augustana
3. Drew Lexvold, Fr. Minnesota State-Mankato
4. Andy Pokorny, Jr. St. Cloud State
5. Justin Reinsma, So. Southwest Minnesota State
6. Ethan Harris, Jr. Indanapolis
7. Ian Muirhead, So. Northern State
8. Collin Crume, Fr. Wisconsin Parkside

1. Chism Fink, Sr. Augustana
2. Trevor Johnson, So. Mary
3. Mitch Arnold, Sr. Newman
4. Robby Fisher, Jr. Minnesota State-Mankato
5. Jay Hildreth, Fr. St Cloud State
6. Justin Kieffer, Fr. Indianapolis
7. Tyrell Galloway, Fr. Maryville
8. Arik Yde, Jr. Wisconsin Parkside

1. Nate Herda, Jr. Augustana
2. Keenan Hagerty, Fr. Maryville
3. Steve Sandefer, Fr. Indianapolis
4. Jesse Westphal, Jr. Minnesota State-Mankato
5. Josh Howk, Fr. St. Cloud State
6. Jordan Rinken, So. Upper Iowa
7. Tanner Beaman, So. Mary
8. Cody Lane, So. Southwest Minnesota State

1. Dillon Bera, Jr. Wisconsin Parkside
2. Marcus Edgington, Sr. Augustana
3. Jacob D. Horn, Sr. St. Cloud State
4. Winston Robbins, Sr. Upper Iowa
5. Tel Todd, Sr. Minnesota State-Mankato
6. Bryce Givens, Jr. Indianapolis
7. Joey Moorhouse, Fr. Maryville
8. Collin Engelhardt, So. Mary

1. Tad Merritt, Sr. St Cloud State
2. Brett Rosedale, Sr. Maryville
3. Jake Begin, So. Southwest Minnesota State
4. Jeff Weiss, So. Indianapolis
5. Cody Quinn, Fr. Minnesota State-Mankato
6. Blake Sorenson, Fr. Upper Iowa
7. Taylor Nagel, Sr. Mary
8. Jacob Bennett, Jr. Minnesota State-Moorhead

1. Luke Rynish, Sr. Wisconsin Parkside
2. Shamus O'Grady, Jr. St. Cloud State
3. Carl Serck, Sr. Augustana
4. Wade Gobin, Jr. Upper Iowa
5. Donnie Bowden, Jr. Northern State
6. Brendon Eichmann, So. Minnesota State-Mankato
7. Trent Sovde, Sr. Minnesota State-Moorhead
8. Trent Molacek, Sr. Southwest Minnesota State

1. Derek Skala, Sr. St. Cloud State
2. Mitch Schultz, Jr. Upper Iowa
3. Jayd Docken, Fr. Augustana
4. Brady Anderson, Jr. Mary
5. Aaron Stevenson, Fr. Indianapolis
6. Matt Gille, Sr. Wisconsin Parkside
7. Tyler Hasenbank, Jr. Newman
8. Andrew Rodas, So. Southwest Minnesota State

1. Carl Broghammer, So. Upper Iowa
2. Matt Baker, Jr. Maryville
3. Pat Mahan, Sr. Minnesota State-Mankato
4. Brian Schultz, Jr. Augustana
5. Luke Munkelwitz, Sr. St. Cloud State
6. Lorenzo Serna, So. Newman
7. Taylor Scott, So. Indianapolis
8. Andrew Rodas, So. Southwest Minnesota State

1. Jacob Kahnke, Jr. St. Cloud State
2. Matt Meuleners, Jr. Northern State
3. Zach Rosol, Sr. Upper Iowa
4. Brian Rodas, Sr. Southwest Minnesota State
5. Martin Patron, Jr. Mary
6. Gerad Fugleberg, So. Minnesota State-Moorhead
7. Mike Roberts, So. Augustana
8. James Malechek, Jr. Wisconsin Parkside

Teams: West Region 4

1. Nebraska Kearney
2. Grand Canyon
3. Adams State
4. Fort Hays State
5. Western State
6. Colorado Mesa
7. Colorado State Pueblo
8. San Francisco State
9. Colorado-Mines
10. Chadron State
11. NM-Highlands


1. Kyle McCrite, Jr. Grand Canyon
2. Jerry Huff, So. Adams State
3. Dustin Stiegmeyer, Fr. Western State
4. Tim Urenda, Fr. Colorado State-Pueblo
5. Jordan White, Jr. Nebraska Kearney
6. Collin Hase, Jr. Fort Hays State
7. Andy Yu, Jr. San Francisco State
8. Daniel Romero, So. Colorado Mesa

1. Ryan Fillingame, So. Adams State
2. Jesse Hillhouse, Jr. Colorado State-Pueblo
3. Steve Weimer, Jr. Nebraska Kearney
4. Matt Greene, Jr. Western State
5. Lino Estrada, So. Grand Canyon
6. Tyler Nelson, Jr. Colorado Mesa
7. Dustin Stodola, So. Chadron State
8. Chad Lousberg, Sr. Colorado-Mines

1. Dalton Jensen, Sr. Nebraska Kearney
2. Conrad Snell, Jr. San Francisco State
3. CJ Napier, So. Fort Hays State
4. Max Ortega, Jr. Adams State
5. Marc Fisher, Jr. Colorado State-Pueblo
6. Brayden Humpherys, Fr. Colorado Mesa
7. CJ York, So. Western State
8. Leondro Arias, Fr. Chadron State

1. Raufeon Stots, Jr. Nebraska Kearney
2. Mitchell Means, So. Fort Hays State
3. Josh Hensley, Sr. Adams State
4. Bobby Ward, So. Grand Canyon
5. Dylan Phillipy, So. San Francisco State
6. Jesse Snyder, Sr. Colorado Mesa
7. Nick Stahler, Jr. Colorado State-Pueblo
8. Trevor Donarski, Jr. Colorado Mesa

1. TJ Hepburn, Sr. Nebraska Kearney
2. Steven Kelly, Fr. Colorado Mines
3. Teddy Bristol, Sr. Grand Canyon
4. Daniel Kelly, So. Adams State
5. Jon Gappmaier, Jr. Colorado Mesa
6. Derek Koehn, So. Fort Hays State
7. Travis Saxon, Jr. New Mexico Highlands
8. Levi Jutila, So. Colorado State-Pueblo

1. Joey Wilson, Sr. Nebraska Kearney
2. Isaiah Jimenez, Jr. San Francisco State
3. Jordan Larsen, Sr. Colorado Mines
4. Dylan Granard, So. Colorado Mesa
5. Jorge Benitez, So. Western State
6. Justin Martin, So. Grand Canyon
7. Matt Addington, So. Colorado State-Pueblo
8. Sam Thoman, Fr. Fort Hays State

1. Victor Carazo, Sr. Grand Canyon
2. Bret Klopp, So. Chadron State
3. Zak Slotten, So. Colorado Mesa
4. Mark Fiala, Jr. Nebraska Kearney
5. Elliott Copeland, Fr. Western State
6. Jarrod Purvis, Jr. Adams State
7. Brandon Sheldon, Jr. Colorado Mines
8. Trevor Grant, So. Colorado State-Pueblo

1. Walker Clarke, Jr. Fort Hays State
2. Ross Brunkhardt, Sr. Nebraska Kearney
3. Adam Carey, Sr. Colorado State-Pueblo
4. Jordan Debus, So. Chadron State
5. Brett Sanchez, Jr. Grand Canyon
6. Kyle Piatt, Fr. Western State
7. Nick Petersen, Jr. Colorado Mesa
8. Igor Gomzin, So. New Mexico Highlands

1. Luke McPeek, Sr. Adams State
2. Matt Lenagh, So. Nebraska-Kearney
3. Sam Mangum, Fr. Western State
4. Celic Bell, Jr. Grand Canyon
5. Tanner Kriss, So. Fort Hays State
6. Chris Leak, Jr. Chadron State
7. Andrew Reggi. So. San Francisco State
8. Bradley Price, Fr. Colorado Mines

1. Jordan Johnson, Jr. Grand Canyon
2. Kevin Barrett, Fr. Nebraska Kearney
3. Justin Glenn, Jr. Fort Hays State
4. Taylor Stam, So. Adams State
5. Kyle Graulus, Jr. Western State
6. Trevor Stapp, Sr. Colorado Mesa
7. Robert Tucker, Jr. Colorado Mines
8. Anthony Gonzalez, Sr. San Francisco State

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