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How To Organize a Copper Coaches Clinic

If you're interested in organizing a Copper coaches clinic, please follow the enclosed information. It is uniform to most states, although there are some states that use the NCEP levels differently. Before acting it is important to contact the state coordinator of the state where the clinic will be hosted.

If you have additional questions please contact USA Wrestling. E-mail may be sent to Or call USAW at (719) 598-8181. You may experience delays phoning because of travel schedules, so be prepared to leave a voice mail.

This is a basic outline for the Copper level of the National Coaches Education Program.
1. Select site for the Clinic
2. Generate interest in the course
3. Order materials well in advance
4. Ensure all participants have current USAW cards
5. Teach the course
6. Return Tests with payment

Step 1. Select a site for the Clinic. This is the responsibly of the instructor. Please note that a classroom setting with TV and DVR is preferred. The course will take about four hours.

Step 2. Generate interest in the course. The course is most effective when more than a small group is involved. The more involved participants, increases the discussion in the material. Please note to the people you approach about the course why it is important to be certified. Reasons include: professional advancement, active participation with the National Governing Body of Amateur Wrestling, liability and risk-management, certification at USAW sanctioned events, and active involvement with the state USAW organization.

Step 3. Order materials well in advance. Once you have an estimation of the number of coaches who will attend the Copper clinic you will need to order books and test materials by contacting USA Wrestling. E-mail or call (719) 598-8181.

You may want to order a few extra books for the event; these can be returned if not used. All participants must purchase the book to become Copper certified. The cost of the course is $30 in total for most states.

Step 4. Ensure all participants have current USAW cards. All people working to obtain certification through NCEP must hold a valid USAW card. Please verify that all participants have a USAW card.

Step 5. Teach the course. The course will take about 4 hours to complete. You may want to have the participants take the test before leaving. Sending the tests in as a group is more efficient. Additionally, you can check that the mailing information on the tests is clear and legible.

If you are new to teaching the Copper course and do not have the Rookie Coaches Video be sure to ask for this when ordering materials.

You will receive an instructor's guide that you should thoroughly review before initiating the course. Practice your delivery of the material. Following the Instructor's Guide will help insure success in conveying the material to the audience. Please encourage discussion of the material as an important part of the course.

Step 6. Return the materials. Return the materials to USA Wrestling in care of the NCEP Coordinator at 6155 Lehman Dr., Colorado Springs CO. 80918.

Once the tests are received they will be processed. To successfully complete the Copper level participants must score an 80% or better on the test. If necessary, a retake test will be mailed to those participants who scored below an 80 percent.

After processing, each individual will receive a Copper Coaches card and Copper Certification to signify completion of the Copper level of the National Coaches Education Program.

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